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  1. I believe the map is stuck as is for a bit. The file is not to be shared and I believe Kerk and Roland are going away for a bit. Could be wrong on this but the fixes from what I know need to come from something other than map changes.
  2. I think we need a big change that's unique to DayZRP, something to spice it up for old players and offer something new for both old and new players. I don't think we need to necessarily have a majority vote on whether to implement the change either. I mean at this point with all this discussion and lack of pop on the server - something HAS to change to bring positive change. Keeping the status quo at this point isn't going to work - it's simply not. That being said, I do think the server is too easy atm. I think it would be better to have more immersive weather, day night cycles, and less loot (Not saying make it hardcore, but it's easy mode atm). Also keep in mind, things tried in the past on different maps and with different active community members aren't going to have the same outcome in 2021 on Nyheim - so even if they're recommendations that have been tried there is always a chance they are implemented better and simply work better in this new climate of what a RP server is/what the new map is. In the end I think the community coming together to suggest ideas would be best but I don't really see that working because it's such a split on opinion on what this server needs to be in 2021. I think it will be interesting to see what happens in the coming days/weeks.
  3. Welp back to Tarkov.

  4. Not going to snip because this is everything wrong with DayZRP atm, so re-read it.
  5. I think the practicality of what is being asked in this thread really needs to be looked at again. You're asking a lot in the end game, by suggesting group caps. One reason behind this would be more dynamics that roll up with approved groups, wait for them to get attacked and boom defender rights. I can see the headaches already for staff having to decipher who had rights and not to mention the amount of wasted time spent on reports. I think a better suggestion would be roaming caps, as this does level the playing field in a way and is much easier to handle due to connection logs. I still see the possibility of more dumb reports being posted because some players will be more interested in counting the amount of people in an engagement than actually trying to RP or PvP it out, but... it would prevent smaller groups from having to NVFL in order to win or lose an engagement. In the end I know I have proposed a group cap on other threads (the mentor program thread), but that was more or less to promote experienced players to make groups with newer players in order to spread the knowledge around. There are many flaws with that idea though and I'll be the first to admit it. Personally I think an easier fix would be increasing the minimum # of players you have to have to keep an approved group alive. I mean when you have a large difference in the amount of members, for example "Scrap Rats" at 26 players and "Phoenix United" at 9, your group is already NVFL to initiate on them if both have all members online. Therefore, two better suggestions - in my mind - are to implement a roaming cap or increase the minimum approved group req. to 15. Or just simply archive your group and roll as a dynamic.
  6. Have a safe Independence Day fellow Americans. 

  7. Well if I am being straight forward, nothing I recommended makes it harder to make a group other than time limit for the group leader. There are ways around this, simply recruit a player that has been around longer to post the thread and then you assume IC leadership. However, there is no foolproof system to ensure that leaders of groups are experienced. Even, members who have been whitelisted for 30 days might be at a different experience level than another member at 30 days. @Niveousis a great example of this, as she hit the ground running, getting lots of IC experience in her first 30 days. The increased time period is more of a blanket req. to hopefully ensure than the council member has adequate experience to at least be a mentor in an OOC level. I mean if we're being honest we could make it a 6 month time req. and there would still be enough players to be mentors for the community. The player cap is another thing, but that has multiple reasonings behind it, most important to this suggestion is to spread the knowledge around. Then again, one group could just end up being all experienced players, so in the end it would still heavily rely on community involvement for this to work. That being said, my recommendations were not to become the centerpiece of this suggestion so I will comment no further. I love the idea of a mentor program and it seems like most who have seen this do too.
  8. I completely supported this idea from @cjackson821 before I was notified it was already a suggestion. I think Roland's idea of having the council ranks, aka group leaders run this is the best approach. I would like to say that for this to work, via my own opinion, group creation for newer players needs to get - harder... I believe the following rule changes need to occur for group management in order to maintain a successful program. 1. You must have been whitelisted for at least 30 days - 60 days minimum 2. Add a cap to the groups - set to 20. Reasoning behind this? Well there are multiple reasons, but in short a cap makes groups spread out more - more creation, more mentors, more enjoyable RP from everyone. Note: Do not take my follow up suggestions as a reason to knock this idea. The idea is grand but these very minimal restrictions in my mind make it more plausible to work.
  9. Cheers, thanks. Only been focused on this thread, well and - The Expanse since getting home from work.
  10. I'm going to make one final statement on perception. Dan I am going to use you as an example and I do mean no offense. Perception for someone that has been here a while and stood the test of time per say, with this server is going to be entirely different than someone who joined last lore or this new lore. There was a lot of people, and I do mean a lot, that joined recently and I don't think it is fair to disregard their opinions based on someone's that has experienced multiple maps/lores/groups/enemies/friends on DayZRP. Again, I might be too rash in my statements, but I believe strongly in experience and leadership. I think that some (not all) newer players would love the opportunity to learn from someone who has experienced DayZRP for 4+ years, or even a few lores and wipes. I think in a way it allows veterans of this community to continue to mold people into what they want from the server instead of pushing them away for simply butting heads on an idea or opinion - that are 100% going to be different because everyone has different experiences on DayZRP. Anyways, I can understand where everyone is coming from and hope that others can agree or perhaps throw a suggestion up for a mentor program soon.
  11. My personal take, after being around some great hostile RPers and then being around some new hostile RPers (including myself) is that - there are definitely some people who have been doing this long enough/been involved in enough reports - to basically win the fights before they even begin. I saw @cjackson821mention some kind of mentor program. This is new to me, but it would be cool to have this as an option. I think most fresh players, including myself back in February, come into the server with an idea of the rules, an idea for their group, and an idea for how they assume their RP will be treated.... but there is some experienced mofos in DayZRP that know exactly how the rules of engagements and group/dynamic play, etc can be used to their advantage... and that is where I see it not being an equal playing field. Other than that, it is what it is. Personally I do think it would be neat to see some of you guys that have been rolling together for a long time, branch out and take in some newer players to show them the ropes of RPing on DayZRP. I know it's your decision in the end and I know it would be a pain - but in the long run it would benefit the server to have some mentors.
  12. 1. Nyheim 2. Chernarus 3. Deer Island/Namalsk as these would be the only two "other" maps I'd try. I enjoy the Nyheim map and I definitely think it is well made and tailored for RP. However, I have my concerns for it's survival based on what I have seen in and around the community and forums. This is all my personal opinion of course, but I don't think the "honeymoon" stage is still active. I mean as I am typing this we are at 36/100 players, which is the same average it was on Chernarus before the announcement. I think the map will need to be expanded upon sooner than most people think - in order to survive. The reason behind this opinion is due to the activity and comments I have seen based on hostilities from new players that fueled that boost in population and have now come and gone. Now how does this tie into the map? Well in short, you can get anywhere in the map within 15 minutes or less when compared to Chernarus and how it would take hours by foot. I think Chernarus gave a simple grace to solo players or even small groups in more areas to hide, build, and longer times to avoid - hostilities, don't mistake this for me saying avoiding RP. Now again none of this has to do with anything Nyheim offers, other than how an expansion to perhaps make it half the size of Chernarus instead of 1/4 will be needed sooner than later - sadly. Also to note, this is just based on my own observations not based on personal experience because in reality I haven't played as much as I would like due to IRL. Well done though @Kerkkoh- you are that guy. And to end on a positive note, having this map is a blessing. It's a blessing because like so many people have said it allows us as a community to do whatever we wish, and that is why it will always be the best map for me.
  13. It's been a fun time in the Collectors! I will see you all soon on a new character 😄 

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