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  1. Steve was born in Swansea/Wales, his parents started making their way to Nyhiem when they started hearing the radio podcast about a safe haven, a place with purpose, where the old ways of life are not so far out of reach. When Steve's parents started their journey when he was only 10 years old when they arrived, cities were being rebuilt, old destroyed buildings were getting rid of, they were offered a life safe from the infected and whatever that may lay outside those walls, and accepted they did. Steve and his father often left outside the city when it was allowed to go hunting and campaign, and back inside the city, they had a farm, Steve and his father had quite the relationship, as his father taught him everything he knew, when Steve was 18 years old his parents were infected during a breach, both of them were put down by the PLIKT, it was not easy on Steve for the next couple of years, life was never the same, things were changing, the PLIKT were becoming more and more of a directorship yet, the news about D-Squad was not helping, for him it was choosing between 2 evils, one that once held up its word and provided safety vs another that wants destruction for all those who oppose. On his journey around Nyhiem, he ran into Sebastian Holt and his brother, they helped him after he was attacked by wolves on one of his hunting trips, since then they've been good friends and he was offered to join Seb and his brother and live together until this storm of D-Squad and the attacks blows off.
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