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  1. Jack Castle is a former soldier with the 25th infinitary division of the United States Army. After his military service concluded he began training people in survival techniques that he had learned from the service. After the breakout of the virus, Jack began searching for other people to survive with in the U.S. Eventually he found a group of survivors searching for a rumored safe haven ran by the U.S government. Although he felt this was false the others in his group believed it and not wanted to be alone he would continue to travel with the group. Although the government ran safe haven turned out to be false what they did find was company that had managed to secure a small area and keep it safe. The company however was not very keen on allow people into their facility as resources were limited. Jack wanting to help his travel companions get somewhere safe and offered to train members of the company in survival in exchange for his group being allowed in. After some time at the facility Jack had gathered that it had once been the headquarters of a group of doctors dedicated to giving humanitarian aid to countries torn by war and civil rebellion. Having been a the facility for some time and seeing the demeanor of those currently occupying the space he did not believe that any of the original occupants were among those still there, until one day he was approached by Robert Stephens (the leader of the group that took them in). Robert having seen the fruits of the training Jack had provided approached Jack with a request. Robert had a son, Vincent Stephens, that in the early days of the outbreak was in Livonia and he has not heard from him since. Robert offered Jack's group a permanent place at the facility upon the condition that Jack would travel to Livonia and find Vincent. Jack would be accompanied by a security team provided by Robert with travel arrangements already made. Jack agreed to the conditions and set out to find Vincent. The initial leg of the journey would be by boat across the ocean and into Europe through the Straight of Gibraltar making landfall in Greece. From there a helicopter would be used however due to poor maintenance from lack of supplies and parts the helicopter would be forced down in Chernarus leaving only Jack alive. Once healed and back on his feet Jack will need to gather recourses to survive and search for a means of transportation to finish his travels and complete the task he had agreed to.
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