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  1. 1962 Great Britian was nearly fully recovered from WWII and society was changing rapidly day by day with the rise of the entertainment and technology industries. John Lorian, Son of Philip and Iris Lorian was born on the 3rd of January that year. John was a healthy boy with a passion for football and family from a very young age. John spent most of his youth hearing stories and reading about the war, the destruction and the landscapes of Europe from his Father and Grandpa. From a young age John knew he wanted to serve his country and use it as a means to travel the world and see the beautiful countrysides, mountains and rolling hills he'd heard so much about from his Grandpa. At the age of 18 John joined the British Army as an Infantry soldier. Making a name for himself very early on as a driven young man with a heart set on climbing the ranks. Just 2 years into his Training Margrett Thatcher decided that Britain needed to reassert power over the Faulkland Islands and started shipping out soldiers. John was one of the first to reach the faulklands after a lengthy voyage at sea. The moment John’s feet touched the soil a new part of him was born. Although the war was short, only lasting a few months, it was enough for John to realise his passion for travel and military service was not any less exciting than he had always dreamt. Over the next 21 years John had climbed through the ranks and led many teams within the British Army until in 1993 John suffered a near fatal injury. John was leading a team through Bosnia when he slipped on a wet rock and hit his head. Although the efforts from the medics were great John still suffered a small but impactful brain bleed and was shortly after honourably discharged from service. The bleed had caused lasting damage that would ultimately change Johns mindset from a straight shooting, logical man into a man angry at himself, filled with angst and long spouts of self hate. John struggled for months as he desperately tried to reintergrate with civilian life. In 1994 John met Alice. A nurse who was broken down at the side of a road in his hometown of Plymouth. It was cold and she was visably distraught. John’s military instinct kicked in immediately and he pulled over to offer her a ride to work. Alice kindly accepted and as John dropped her at the entrance to the A&E Unit he asked what time she’d be finishing so he could give her a lift home again while her car was being repaired. John and Alice started dating later that week. Engaged in the Summer of 1995. Alice stood by John’s side as he would spend countless night’s awake, tourtured by thoughts and terrified by the memories of war. In September 1997 John and Alice wed, at the wedding they announced to their family and friends that they were expecting a child, and for a brief moment John felt like he had regained comfort in himself, and that maybe his life was heading back on track. June 1998 was a hot month.. With tourists coming from across the UK to flood the beaches of Devon and Cornwall. Alice had been struggling with the heat due to the pregnancy but the day had arrived and John had gathered her bags and helped her into the car before making their way to the hospital. The roads were busy with tourists trying to make their escape back home after a weeks adventure at the beaches and as John pulled out onto the main road the hospital was in sight. Suddenly John heard a “BANG” followed by darkness. John awoke in the hospital with cuts from head to toe. He immediately started looking besides him for Alice.. For anyone. A short while later a Dr who had worked with Alice for many years came into Johns room holding a scalf. A car had ran a red light and flipped Johns car... Alice didn’t make it. John had given up. Light faded from his eyes and in that moment he knew he was alone. John had sustained another impactful blow to his head. This time much more damaging, causing freak periods of rage and complete memory loss. John was prescribed medication to help the anxiety and pure distress he was feeling but he refused to take them and discharged himself the next day. He didn’t attend the funeral, Family wrote but he never replied, Army Friends attempted to call but he did not answer. In 2019 John took his Military Pension and went to the marina. He purchased a small but capable yacht. Armed with nothing but a small bag of clothes and a supply of rations he set sail. He didn’t say goodbye. He just went. 9 Months later John was sailing through the Green Sea when a storm swept through in the night. John did his best to keep the boat going but the winds where too strong and with little knowledge of sailing John’s best efforts weren’t good enough. The mast was torn from the deck and as it was swept overboard it pulled the portside cleets through the fibreglass hull. Taking huge chunks out of the vessel. John was too far from land and the storm had completely blocked his VHF Radio. In a last desperate plea for help John reached down into the wet locker and started firing flare after flare above the boat. Water rushed through the galley and eventually as the water filled the saloon John had to accept the boat was a loss. He deployed his raft and using his last breath of energy, climbed into the raft and watched his only posetion in the world disappear in the storm. John passed out after a few hours realising no one was coming. All he could do is wait. That’s when he awoke on the beach.
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