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  1. "I Fumbles79 (Geo Graziano), Give PK rights to Kase or any of the Lieutenants if my character ever breaks the IC group rules or betrays the group as long as it’s still up."
  2. please close, want to move past this please.
  3. this is wrong - we took her radio from the begining - again LET IT GO its done with you win....GG
  4. Geo was born in the Bronx of New York older brother to Phil. Even though Geo is older, he tended to stray from his Pa's teaching and be more into clowning around and not being series, or invovled with the family business. Geo was more of a thug than a businessman, lack common sense. Why Phil was being groomed to take over the business. Geo and Phil's father was the owner of a major shipping line from Russia to the United States before the outbreak. Growing up, Geo and Phil's PA had respect in the neigherborhood, not fear, as back in the day there were tons of of upper middle class Italian-American in the neighbor, but lately it has dwindled down to a small community. Geo was an underachiever, never valued much about work or people - he tended to pick fights and strong arm people smaller than him , he tried to lead with fear and not respect which irriateed his own man as thats not the true values of an Italian Amiercan, 3rd generation. Geo and Phils Pa worked hard to give his family all they needed and he took care of the small community that was left from the old days. Before the pendamic, Geo and Phils Pa had struck gold in getting a new deal to ship pretty much every good imaginable from the United States to Russia. With Geo jumping on the coat tales of his brother and father he may add some smuiggling in goods to that business as well as he needed to show his father he had what it took to make money and command respect. Geo and Phil went to Russia to speak on behalf of their father, but then the pandemic hit and they found themselves in a foreigh country with no support or help. They did what they thought was best and barter their way to survive on top of bullying the smaller families in the camps before they were over burden with too many people and the government crashed.
  5. I PK'd not going to rebutle and send in my video - no point. thanks. I will make note - no way she could have radio when she was told to put her hands up - if we saw her double click her mic we would have shot - so I call OOC chatter, but again no point to argue - you guiys win..again , enjoy.
  6. dont worry about it -e the group been here over 30 days so they have a right to KOS me even though we let her go. and they attascked us two days go but.its cool....dont bother to inviestgate cause we gonna lose anyways cause thems be the rules....
  7. Server and location: North of NOVO in the woods on the ridgeline end of map Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2-14-21: 1600 Your in game name: Anthony "Doc" Montisano Names of allies involved: Adam Barnes, Henry McAlister Name of suspect/s: unsure Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Video footage - can upload on youtube. Detailed description of the events: Myself and Two others were at our FOB when we saew a female come up - we held her hostage and took her radio off her - asked her why she was there - she said she was chased by wolves and was alone - so we let her go gave back her radio and within seconds she left gun fire broke out - if she lied and she had peopel with her there is no way they had time to set up - either way they opened fire with no RP - please let me know who I need to speak with to show the video -
  8. 3 no's but no one said why....my base has been raided 3 times and its all when i log off to go to sleep - go figure..:(
  9. I was wrong - disregard - i assume being black ops would have been accetable, but respect the rules - i resubmitted, thank you for the cool calm demeanor.
  10. Anthony Montisano, who goes by the name of Doc, 10 year combat medic with delta, rank master sergeant. At 31 has achieved a lot for his age and very young to be a part of delta. Growing up as a child Anthony aka Doc always wanted to be a doctor, but when 9/11 happened he decided when he was old enough to enlist in the military he would fight for his country and take care of everyone he can, friend or foe. However, Doc has been having server PTSD due to a mission he was on prior to him leaving the service where he was trying to save the life of an 8 year old boy in Afghanistan, who complained of severe lower abdomen pain. Doc noticed what appeared to be a recent surgery on the boys lower stomach. Doc without hesitation prepared to open the stitches, so he stood up and walk over to his pack to grab medical supplies. As he did there was a clicking sound almost like a light igniting. Doc turned and met the boy eye to eye. The boy looked at him and mouthed the words “boom”. As Doc was about to tell people to take cover, the bomb exploded sending Doc back 10 feet before he was knocked out from the blast. When Doc came too, two of his fellow squad mates were dead as well as three other children and two house nurses. Doc blames himself for not figuring out the stitches and the timing, and has turned to drinking more often than he should. Sometimes the doc even though he is quick on his feet and has a high success rate of keeping people alive, only person he now has to worry about is himself. Doc's old squad reconnected with him to help him fight his demons and decided to take him on a vacation through the wounded warrior program which paid for their flight to Russia (noting to taste homemade Russian vodka which was on their minds) - they embarked on this life journey together in DEC 2019, before the frenzied flu had taking a turn for the worse (In Jan) and putting a strain of the healthcare system across the globe. After the first few weeks of the spread in FEB involving the closure of many stores, Doc and his friends didnt have anywhere to go, or people to turn too as there was no embassy able to assist and with the new curfews and regulations in place which made it hard for them to find food and clean water. As time went on, there was an increasingly large amount of violence in the streets with riots and disputes as the people were beginning to revolt against the government. Doc and his crew were barely surviving during the months of March and April but due to Docs background he was able to trade his skills for food and clean water which kept him and his friends alive. When martial law went into effect on May 10th, Doc and his friends were pushed away from the major cities and sent to relocation camps. If you tried to leave the Government was authorized to use lethal force; because of this, small gangs starting to appear around the camps which caused a lot of strain on families looking for help. Doc and his crew offered freelance body guard and medical assistance to families who could not defend themselves. Towards the end of May the campus were getting overwhelmed with people that they started to leave to seek other means of help which the Government allowed as they were not prepared for the volume of people that they were managing. Doc and his crew decided they would lend aid to where they were needed and ventured out to assist smaller camps in order to stay alive as they would trade their skills for food /water and shelter...this is where our story begins....
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