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  1. Part of a five man delta squad with the Us military. Mission is to infiltrate Chernarus to find a scientist, male 30 to 40 years of age, goes by the name of Uri Petchka - intel states scientist may have a cure for the virus spreading throughout the world. My name is MSG Jones with Task Force New Dawn. I am part of the best of the best that the US can offer. Our mission to extract Uri Pestka, Situation: Uri Pestka Last Known location was a few clicks north of Chernarus, our intel suspects that he has been moving erratically to evade capture from Russian Military and the undead. The purpose of this exfil is the United States goverment has gotten word that he has found the cure for the disease. With the United States in disarray and lack of resources to push a large military operation into the country they have sent us to retrieve him. In route to our LZ at Approx. 0243 our aircraft begin to take fire and was shot down by anti air weapon system. Once the aircraft made contact with the ground I was awoken by Doc and drug from the helicopter wreckage before it burned to the ground. Once I gathered myself I began to collect all available equipment and taking inventory. Thats when Doc came to me and told that "Only Three survived the crash, and we were all that was left of our 5 man team.". Once we mourned our fallen and hide the bodies as to hide American involvement we heard a russle in the wood line. The Russians were coming to investigate the crash, We all hide and waited with only our side arms and ragged clothes remained. That wasn't the only thing that was coming to investigate that night, as the crash was so loud it caused a herd of the undead to push onto the helicopter and quickly swarm the Russians. We began Low crawling to get away from the area as quickly and quietly as possible. The Gun fire lasted almost into the morning, we are unsure if any survived but our Job isnt to help kill the undead, it is to retrieve Uri. Although the mission has just increased in difficulty 10 fold with zero comms equipment available to reach higher. We will find our target, and start looking for our way out. This is our Survival Story
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