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  1. Lili Spons, made her debut at a young age in the competitive weightlifting league. she was simply the strongest women her home of Anvil Island had ever seen. She became obsessed with weightlifting as a kid and started grinding and becoming a bodybuilder. She became very competitive and wanted to make it on a professional stage. To earn enough money to fuel her passion, she became under the employment of Truman Squares. The public front of the company was a company that would take on clients and provide them with any services that they require. It ranges from pleasure, security services, to more sinister and secretive contracts. This line of work however, was not welcome with Canadian law enforcement officials so Squares Business Inc. was forced to relocate its main headquarters to Chernarus in the city of Chernogorsk. Lili Spons with her strong physique, was often hired to protect “high valued clients”. But work became scarce and the company was forced to take on whatever job it could get its hands on. During this time, Lili became infatuated with Truman Squares and the two began to fall in looove. In the summer of 2020, she was hired to escort a group of college students that were visiting South Zagoria. It was during this time that the Frenzy Flu had broken out in full force and cities had began to be overruned. She had gotten separated from the students and caught in the chaos of the situation. Left stranded, the only goal she had in mind was to reunite with Truman Squares.
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