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  1. Adolf Aleksander in the pre infection years was in a Polish spec ops unit and later was a hunting guide. Originally hailing from a small agricultural village in Poland Adolf didn’t have many career choices to take so he turned to service to his country. since the cold war had ceased and the Soviet Union died there wasn’t much room to rise in rank in the polish military but seeming out of nowhere a very bloody war popped up in a very small country south of Ukraine. Hearing stories from his officers of the wars that took place in post-soviet eastern Europe only made Adolf’s hopes to join in on this conflict stronger, while talking to an officer he asked if Poland would get involved the officer told him there’s a slight possibility of it but it would probably take a year or two to join the fight and the only fighting and none boring jobs would be done by special operation units of the polish military. Upon hearing this Adolf applied for a unit by the name of AGAT which is an airborne unit of the military they are comparable to airborne rangers in the United States army. upon being accepted he went off to Airborne training with the 75th Ranger element of the United States Army. After this Training his time in AGAT was ended early due to the confirmed end of the war in Chernarus and the cut downs Poland did to its military in the year 2012 AGAT was disbanded and Adolf was moved to a normal airborne infantry regiment and given an instructor role. For the next five years he hadn’t made a significant increase in his rank or pay so he quit his military job and transferred to civilian life. In his youth Adolf spent his time in the woods hunting the wildlife in the northern part of Poland due to his knowledge of the woods he began guiding bison, moose and red deer hunts for rich foreigners that would pay a pretty penny to take down some big game. In early December 2019 Adolf was asked by a man he guided for a few months earlier if he would like to guide a bear and red deer hunt for him in the black mountains on the Chernarus/Russian border. due to the hunt taking him away from his home for Christmas and the hostility in the region the pay would be doubled if the client could kill the intended animals. Adolf accepted the job and started packing his bags for his flight on the 20th he would be landing at Krasno airfield in the early hours of the 21st. Due to firearm laws in the fly over countries Adolf decided leave his rifles at his home in Poland and to stop by a gun store in the city of Severograd which was north west of the airfield he would be landing at. A week passed and the 20th was here Adolf grabbed his bags and went to the airport to board the plane, but his flight was delayed due to a massive snowstorm that would be rolling in early the next morning. The snowstorm would delay his flight for till the 28th so Adolf contacted his employer who had already arrived at Krasno. Due to this his employer hired an old local pilot that would fly to the airfield in Poland and pick him up that night and take him to Chernarus. Adolf was told this and waited for his private flight to Chernarus by one am his flight showed up and they took off. Due to the language barrier him and his pilot didn’t communicate that much other than the handful of nods and broken Russian Adolf could speak. When over the Black mountains the storm started to hit, and it was hitting hard the pilot began to start freaking out and began losing altitude at a semi-rapid rate. Due to him freaking out so much he had a heart attack and died Adolf was sitting in the row of seats right behind him as he slumped over in his seat Adolf realized this wasn’t a landing and tried to get to the pilot but his belt was caught on the seat and he couldn’t get to him in time. The plane smacked into a dense bit of woods full of pine trees and was slowed down just enough to not kill Adolf but to knock him out for a significant amount of time by the time he woke up a group of men from a town in the mountains nearby found the plane and located him inside of it upon seeing him they thought he was dead until Adolf twitched and moaned. The men pulled him from the wreckage and set him on 2 thick pine branches that were tied to together to act as a stretcher; they did the same to the dead pilot and they began to take them back to their town. The town was called Zvir it was a very shut out community that had no hospital and didn’t have much contact to the rest of the region which was only worsted by the snow storm that would knock out trips to the outside for a week or two. For the next two months Adolf was in and out of conciseness due to his injuries by the time he became stable enough to move around the world was crumbling around him a handful of the people from the village that left to get help for him never came back and if they did they were deathly ill and came with the news that help can’t get to him the man that let him stay in his home caught the sickness and began fighting other villagers even killing four of them. The man was executed later that day and everyone in the town was told to lock up the houses and stay inside. The rest of the ill began doing the same as Adolf caretaker they began breaking into the houses brutally murdering the people inside of them and the remaining town people began fighting back by shooting them which only enraged more of them. At this point Adolf was ready to leave and that’s what he did he took the rifle that was in the house he was stuck in for the last three months and left the town at night and headed down south with only a map, rifle, box of ammo and a few cans of food.
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