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  1. I can see sneaky d-squad now
  2. its those orange armband guys with a lot of hostile rp and the pirates with south american accents forgot what they were named
  3. personally my fps greatly increased and the game crashed less when I did the things told in this video. did it the last year and still works greatly.
  4. @Thrynn^ had a good time roleplaying with you all on the bunker yesterday. I was the guy in the green outfit that gave you a canned peach and some ammo
  5. the grinding element would probably increase the pop of the server since people will spend time for it a lot. if this does get added, there could be a problem. if you are talking about StalkerZ type of grinding then no. they might only care about grinding things to flex on eachother and play on ooc chats just to grind doing not that much rp. I seen some people like that on some rp servers that has a lot of grind it. a grinding element should be added to make people stayon the server longer. but it might make the roleplay just people asking eachother to grind.
  6. that one hawaii looking shirt Roland wears on its streams would look so good ingame. it would be great for factions like P.K.M since they are techically pirates
  7. I love those new mutants but the stalker mods seem lame
  8. I can also say that the number of zombies should be decreased. its been 50 years in the apocalypse and people would probably know to shoot a bullet through their head when they get infected. and zombies are going to have to die sooner or later. either from nourishment, or the cold weather of nyheim.
  9. that video has to be one of the best dayzp tapes I have ever seen. and the one that I laughed the most. the moment where that guy threw some bottles upstairs felt pretty fun to me for some reason
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