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  1. nyheim tsunami event confirmed????? this gives mandela catalogue vibes and I hope it progresses in that direction
  2. Reshala was born in a low income family in the outskirts of ST.Petersburg. he lived the life of a average child. he lived the life of a usual child. going to school, coming back, eating a tasty cheburek and pelmeni and watch some tv and repeat. in his mid childhood, he would be acquainted with a local gang and would do some of their dirty work like transporting a suspicious bag somewhere with a old bike to make extra money for his family. he would start talking and befriending with the gang members, with the gang trusting him more and more, he would do more serious jobs with them, he would kill a person when they get tasked with doing driveby on a "bad" fella. this would take a toll on his personality and would make him Hostile towards people. he would rise up and have his own alias, being knowns as "Dealmaker", doing deals for the gang, rising up their income. his family would be sad for him and disappointed of him for doing bad work. but for him, it felt like usual work. it was the only type of work he knew, after all. The world would erupt into chaos, a city in chaos, people in distress, Civilians arming up and creating their own gangs to survive, your usual civilian, Turning into a bandit. a good amount of the soldiers in the military would desert, the battalions that still exist would be depleted of any logistics and supplies, low in morale. A duo of Russian soldiers that deserted from the 1st Guards Tank army, Russian Ground Forces. Turning into bandits. in the months of the infection, A big chunk of the gang would be either infected or shot dead. Reshala and whats left of the gang, along with a corrupt police officer would start travelling and would move around scandinavia, causing banditry and chaos.
  3. eh,we all here to have fun. simply seperate real life from RP we maked a Ukranian militia/PMC styled group with a bunch of friends too. bunch of people disliked it and complained and the drama ended. group kept RP'ing. just let the man do his rp lmao
  4. turn the group into a norwegian/scandinavian paramilitary nationalist type group bro it will fit the atmosphere way more
  5. "I need a fully functioning helicopter"
  6. "any settlements around?"
  7. looks cool, nice topic to talk about. I hope you have a good time this winter
  8. ezgif.com-gif-maker.gif.b4300f089582c900491941315adde440.gif
    added gold lines around it to fit your rank. use it if you want 🙂

    1. DarkestSkies241


      I dig it, I’ll use it when I get home from work 😉

  9. facts, when a person gets robbed by someone, by a bandit group or so. they can try to think of other ways like complying with the bandits so that hostilities can be stopped with peace talks or gathering up a group of people to fight against those bandits. it is better than reporting them, which is from what I see happen most of the time because of the reason that they have been robbed for a "bad" reason. it is the apocalypse and hunger is rampant, supplies are scarce. a bandit is going to rob for what provisions you have. not all bandits or robbers needs to be a cultist character that makes a joker voice and tortures you, some are just gonna come to take what you have. that's how it would happen in real life
  10. me and a couple friends are gonna play in the server as bandits when nyheim launches. some of us are insane characters some of are bandits. if you want to join, send me your discord name so I can invite you to our group DM
  11. I am planning to play a bandit character and I'm wondering if anyone wanna do banditry together when nyheim launches
  12. Nikolai Emelin is a 57-year-old former VDV Major who enjoys shooting guns, jumping out of planes with a parachute, and fishing. He is reserved and careful, but can also be very overbearing. He is a Russian orthodox Christian. He finished school and then left. He is nationalistic to his state. Physically, Nikolai is in pretty good shape. He is average-height with fair skin, blonde hair and blue eyes. Unusually, he has a burns in his chest, legs, feet and arms; he lost it in his missions as VDV in the Soviet-Afghan war. He has a tattoo of the flag of the soviet union on his left shoulder. He grew up in a poor neighborhood Nizhnevartovsk. He was raised by his father and mother. in his middle ages, his father encouraged him to join the VDV. being motivated, he would join the VDV and pass the training. he would be deployed in the Soviet Afghan war, taking multiple burn wounds. after the fall of the soviet union, he would deploy in the first and the second chechen war. he would retire,living off with the money he made in the military. later on an infection would happen and he would stay in his house with the food that is in it, locking himself in. he would stay in the house for a couple of days, until he runs out of food, water and heating. he would get out of the house and try to survive. using his house as a hideout, collecting as much source of food water and heating as he can get. but a group of bandits would notice this and storm his house, lotting everything and then burning the house. he would start travelling, trading things he finds in his way with citizens of settlements he comes by. but every single time, he would be robbed by bandits. not being able to keep trading because of getting a good amount of his things stolen. he thinks to himself, why not be like them? why try to survive by scavenging places for hours while im able to get some things out of a survivors backpack?
  13. I dont see the need of having a mentor, especially with the staff team not having much staff members and lack of veteran players at the moment. with most of the veteran players that can "teach" a newcomer already being a part of staff team. a veteran eager to help newcomers can teach them without being a part of the staff team anyway
  14. Russian accent heard over radio so, are you people actually around? or is this a game of durak where you try to scare people on the radio?
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