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  1. Zachary was an American born baby. His mother being born in Chernarus, his father being from Chicago. He was raised in America by his Mother and Father. Due to his mothers birthplace, she was completely fluent in Russian. So growing up Zachary learned both English and Russian, and became fluent in both languages. In early February his parents invited him on a vacation to Chernarus to visit his Mothers family, little did he know that he'd be trapped there. They planned to stay only a few weeks, though due to quarantine initiating they were unable to leave. Weeks, Months passed. The Epidemic seemed to only get worse, even his grandparents being infected. So Zachary, unlike his parents decided to stay away from them. His parents thought the whole thing would roll over, and they'd be able to go back in another week or so. He kept distance away from his family, and other infected individuals for the following days. Until his grandparents came back from the hospital, only to begin to brutally attack his family. He attempted to grab his sister, only to pull on her shoulder to see she'd been fully infected too. He had spent so much time away from them he hadn't even known, so he quickly ran outside and hopped into his grandparents minivan. His family beginning to chase him down, hungry for flesh. He barely started the car in time, his own mother being flung off the windshield and landing on the pavement. As he drove past dozens of 'undead' people. Zachary, then drove many hours. Eventually passing out whilst he was driving in the middle of the night, only to crash into a pole and roll his car. He luckily came out relatively unscathed, and continued walking on foot. Bandaging a minor scratch wound with a few rags.
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