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  1. Before the outbreak, he was unhappy with the life he had, he hoped for a change, for an oppurtunity to become someone else than he was, the apocalypse gave it to him, now he discovered new ways in life he can follow. As a kid, Cezary lived in a cristian home on the countryside with his father and grandfathers, his mom died due to traffic accident when he was 6, he could not accept it, but he had to go on with his life, his dad really helped him to get through this tough time. Cezary was very attached to his father, he had a lot of good memories without him and could not imagine life without him. In high scool, he discovered his passion, and it was music, he always tapped out rhythms and loved to listen to his favourite artists, he listened to Rock and Metal music the most, he even had his emo state but he got out of it. His life was perfect for him, he had everything he wanted to: Money, Friends, Girlfriend and good grades, But unfortunatelly for him it all changed He lost his love very early due to a friend cheating with his girfriend. At first, he didnt really bother, he thought that he will find another one and better, but as the time passed he started to realize that she was the only one. He got depressed but fortunatelly not very hard, he easily got out of it but thoughts about his love were still haunting him. As the time passed his life was becoming worse and worse,he lost his grandfathers he was very sa for them, he was losing friends until there was only one friend left, but he didt really care because this friend was his friend for life, he could not live without him When he finished his education only what was left in his life was his father, friend, and passion to music, he wanted to become a musician so that he did. He was good at playing drums and guitar, but he never could find a job to earn money for living, so he was helping his father with the farm. And sudenly, the day has come, the outbreak, the chance, the oppurtunity to make his life worthy. When he and his father have been notified about the outbreak, they tried to stay in farm, but after a couple of weeks they had to move because the place was too dangerous to live in. They packed all the important stuff and a food supply packed it into their van and started the journey, they headed east in search for food and place they can live in. One day they got split and swarmed with zombies, they lost a car and each other, dad told him that they will meet in place they separated, so Cezary waited and waited for as long as he could, but unfortunatelly his dad never came back, he lost hope and got depressed, but had to continue the journey in search for food and home And this is Cezary today, lost and alone in chernarus with minimal supplies counting on improving his situation, he wants to help people live in the appocalypse, but he has to survive on his own, he thought he knew himself very good but the apocalypse showed that he was capable to do things that he couldnt ever imagine doing. What will be his future, what will he come across, he has to find out in the unfriendly world filled with people above the law, evil people, but fortunatelly he is not one of them.
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