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  1. Jack Cayse was born in 2001 in Manila, Philipines. He grew up in the Philipines and moved to the Netherlands in 2009. His father was a truck driver and his mother works at a laboratory April 2008, Jack got a sister called Cery, he took care of Cery very well and helped his parents alot with her. March 2011, he was going on a family trip to Italy but they got in a crash a while after crossing the border to Germany due to a drunk driver on the highway. His mother was injured while Cery and Jack got a few cuts and scars on his body. August 2015, Jack went to the US on vacation with his Mother and Cery for a few days. Jack went to meet a friend in Texas and shot some firearms. He also learned how to drive a car there. July 2017, He got mugged by a man on the street in Rotterdam so he bought a pocketknife for self defence and had it on him at all times. August 2018, Jack began to study to become a pilot. He finished it 9 months later with flying colors. February 2020, Jack read the news on his phone about the virus spreading in Chenaurus. He didnt think anything from it. March 2020, Jack was flying with his friend in their Cessna. They we're doing a roundtrip around Europe going from airport to airport. They had a malfunction a day after starting and finally chose to land in Chenaurus but they would never make it so they tried to land in a field but failed to do so and crashed. Jack's friend died that evening and Jack was severely injured. When Jack woke up he immediately looked around if there was any infected nearby, he salvaged some stuff from the crash and quickly left. 2 days after the crash, Jack found some bandages and pills from a medical cabinet in a abandoned house and tried to treat his wounds but he found little succes. While he was in a forest trying to find civilization a wolf started attacking him, Jack tried to fend the wolf off suddenly he heard a gunshot. Jack realised that the wolf died a moment later. A group of people saved him. Jack had cuts all over him, a man tried to treat his wounds a bit and had some succes. The group of people that saved him brought him to their camp and treated his wounds further.
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