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  1. George is an American born who joined the military at 18 and later joined 101st Airborne then 75th Rangers Regiment. 2013 he was deployed in chernarus to help protect locals when the outbreak started where his squad was holding hunting cabins in northern chernarus. It was eventually attacked by local bandits and they had to retreat south toward green mountain and ran across a hoard of zombies where he hid in a small bunker for 3 days surviving on the small rations in his ruck sack until the hoard had gotten attacked by the remainder of his squad and was freed from the bunker with his squad and headed toward NWAF to extraction and had successfully made it to the extraction when they where ambushed during the escape and he had ran back toward the south where he had seen chernogorsk on his map and decided to head that way and that's where the story begins
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