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  1. Henry Drake Age: 51 Raised: Bethnal Green ,East London ,Great Britain. Henry was born to a poor family from Bethnal Green in East London in 1969,His life as a child was full of laughter ,tears and hunger. At home He had his younger Brother Liam and his twin sister Katie who he looked out for and also relied upon ,His Mother was at home when not working at the local Laundrette ,His Father worked at the local Abattoir and spent his evenings drinking down the local Pub .School for Henry was not a thing He enjoyed , running with the wrong crowd and often finding himself at the midweek Football matches instead of School and learning from the School of life. At 16 Henry found Himself out of School with no exams and little hope of a job which caused him and his mates to sign on as Unemployed, doing little except to hang around the local Pub or going across to West London to cause trouble, Fights , Thieving were the norm and ultimately followed by the Police and court appearances . In his early twenties the Landlord of the local Pub(The Hope and Anchor) approached Henry and his Mates offering them a few pounds each if they could run some errands for Him , This was the turning point in Henrys drab existence ,Monday to Friday He would wait at the bar until given a package ,Letter or message to deliver from Bob the Pub Landlord, Soon Henry was earning and thought of Himself as one of the Boys. Bob was a shady Geezer ,Proper East end born and bred and had his fingers in more pies than Henry ever thought ,In 1992 the rave scene was in full fling and there was money to be made in Raves and a new drug called Ecstasy ,soon Henry found Himself and his mates working the doors of the pub when it held Raves ,it was easy, no trouble, He loved it .Seeing potential in Henry Bob took him on full time ensuring Henrys future as a doorman which in time led to Henry running a firm of Doorman all over London. 2005- Business is booming and life is good , Monday to Sunday Henry works all the hours He can ,every now and then He has a little help staying on top from various illegal substances . Working the doors he meets his future Wife Stella and within 6 months is married with a child on the way ,at this point He knew it was time for a change and tried to put his partying and chaotic life in order . Kayla was born in May 2006 and was a proud moment for Henry ,His drinking and drug misuse behind him , now all He needed was more cash to help his Family and be the man He wanted to be .Henry would approach Bob countless times in the years to come hoping for a chance of promotion and more pay , but alas He was always turned down ,Pressure from His wife to get a better paid job and receiving news that His Brother Liam had been taken ill began to take its toll ,Kayla was now 12 years old and Henry was beginning to feel like a failure as a Father and Husband , the relationship with His Wife began to suffer and soon Henry was back down the Pub on a Sunday , coming home at late morning from his shifts at work from being with the Lads after work or not wanting to go home, One such morning Henry stood at his front door unable to put the key in the lock ,was it the drugs and drink or had his key broke, neither Stella informed him as she threw a bin bag with some clothes in at Him from the upstairs window ,She was done, Divorce was on the cards. As time passed Henry spent most of his time at the Pub back where he was years ago seeing His Daughter once a month until one day Bob announced He needed someone to go overseas and do a little job that would only take a week ten days at the most, would Henry be interested ? The date that day was December the 8th 2020,He would leave on the 10th and be back in time for Christmas.
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