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  1. Felix Zandberg grew up in Den Haag in the end of the 1990’s with his brother Jaimy and his sister Lianne. His mom was a waiter and his dad worked on the docks in Rotterdam. His parents worked long hours but made minimum wage. This caused a lot of tension and eventually his parents split up in October of 2006. Felix was distraught by this and seeked an escape. Felix’s dad owned an old Stratocaster, Felix found it while his dad was moving his stuff out the house. Felix started fiddling around with the guitar, and quickly developed a passion for music, specifically rock. He started listening to a lot of rock bands and he connected well to the 90’s grunge bands. In his high school years this developed even more. He got a taste of playing together with other people in music class and decided he wanted to join a band. Luckily there was no shortage of underground bands in Den Haag. He tried to join his high school band called Dark Sister. He was in for a bit but found himself not connecting with the rest of the band much. So he kept searching, in his search he auditioned and some times joined more then 10 bands but none of them stuck around. Till eventually he and a few friend started their own band, Seventh Generation. This band went quite well and he connected well with the members and enjoyed his time in the band. But all good things have to come to and end. After the bass player was found to be sleeping with the drummers girlfriend Anouk. The band fell apart and so Felix turned to amphetamines as he couldn’t bare the pain to more people get split up. After a while he tried to lose his addiction to amphetamines and so he went on a trip around the world to distance himself from the noise of regular life. He tried to find places away from normal western civilization, finding him self in Egypt, Bulgaria, Latvia, Ukraine and then Russia where he crossed the border into Chernarus. In Chernarus he insulted an officer after he got drunk. He was detained and while he was detained the frenzied flue got out of control and so he was stuck in a quarantine zone. He couldn’t make his flight out because of this and things kept getting worse so he turned back to what he knew best amphetamines, and drowned his problems away. This is where his story began.
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