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  1. Dottie was the eldest of her brothers and sister, she grew up in Alabama, she was a very happy go lucky type of gall and would love to dance, She was so happy when the twins were born Fletcher and Cindy, she had a very strong bond with Cindy. Something had happened at age 14 which her mamma and pappi kept secret from the whole family. Her mom fell pregnant and their youngest brother MJ. Dottie and her mom went to the birthing Cabin, Once the baby was born he was premature and needed a lot of medical treatment. While Dottie was at the hospital with MJ their mother went home to tend to the horses... because the mother had been gone for a while the horse kicked their mother in the head killing her. When MJ was able to come home Dottie had left him with the twins to go answer the door for the postman. When she walked back in the room she caught them playing hot potato with MJ and screamed startling Cindy and dropping MJ on the head which he was later then rushed into the hospital. Dottie would spend most of her time looking at MJ and felt extremely guilty for what happened. Dottie would always keep an eye on MJ from now on. She was sitting at home one night and MJ had ran into the has chucking a duffle bag on the kitchen table and showed her a bunch of money. She freaked out and panicked as on the news she had seen a bank robbery. Her and Pappi decided the best option was to get out of the country and go on that cheap trip to chenarus. So they packed their things and headed out, They traveled around a lot and once the news started to calm down about the bank heist they thought it was safe to go home. They were in the airport when the country went into lockdown and were now stuck there.
  2. My POV: I logged on to hear all this commotion happening downstairs so I went down to check it out. These guys in blue berets ended up handing over the two hostages to these two other guys to let them decide what happens to them. Since Jon and I are new, we decided to be bystanders to the situation through to the end since we didn't know how these hostage situations work.
  3. Linda grew up in Florida with her sister Mary, as kids they were very similar in nature and would bounce off each other, She grew up on a farm learning different skills that would help her in the future, When in High school Linda decided to start learning how to cook and tinkering with car parts, After High School she decided to travel around the country and then Traveled to the UK where she met a friend called Jon. After the trip she flew back and stayed in contact with him. A few years past and in 2019 Linda and Mary wanted to go visit Jon for a couple of months, They traveled to Chernarus Berezino and stayed there. They would also travel around the country and visit the lodges, This is when the Flu virus hit, Jon had sent a text to Linda and Mary to quickly head up to the Lodges north of Berezino and they would meet up. They headed East from Dubrovka to the Lodges finding loot on the way. Friends Mary Davis Jon Solokov Brian Fargo
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