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  1. I was born poor in Portugal in March 2000. Since then my father, José Silva, has always had trouble keeping food on the table, because my mother, Anabela Torres, was diagnosed 3 months after my birth, with dementia caused by Alzheimer's, meaning she could no longer work. My mother passed 7 years later. The depression my father got after my mother's death broke him, he fell into a black hole of drugs and alcohol. This made him lose his job at a call center, so he started selling drugs around my neighborhood to feed me and my 2 older siblings, Carlos Silva my brother and Tania Silva my sister. After working his ass off to help our father, my brother couldn't handle the disgrace our family had become and so he left us on Christmas eve without saying a word. Soon enough at the young age of 10, I found a way to make money cleaning shop's windows, to help my father and sister. In the meantime my sister also fell into a depression and started using drugs. At the age of 15, I started a free welding course that took me 3 years. While I was taking that course, my father died of overdose, so my sister "took care" of me until I turned 18. Finally in the 30th of March, I left my sister and started living in a hotel using some of the money I got after those years working. 3 months after I finished my course I found a job online, on a construction site situated in the city of Chernogorsk, Chernarus. In October of 2018, I flew for free to Chernarus since they paid for my trip, food and a small apartment. When I got to Chernarus, I met Artyom William at the airport, a kind English co-worker. Him and I were recruited by the same company to work on the same welding job, so we got on the same taxi. I was surprised to discover that Artyom and I shared the same apartment. Soon we became good friends. While we lived together, he taught me some English. 6 months later, we finished the job, meaning that we would be separated from now on. Artyom went to Severograd and I stayed in Chernogorsk. In January 2020, while I was watching TV, I saw a new's report that the infection "Caedesviridae" had experienced a rapid resurgence. Until May I thought this would get better, but the world was in complete chaos. Now I'm just trying to find my friend Artyom, since he is the only person I trust and care about.
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