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  1. Gotta love the the talk show guy, miss you jesus!

  2. Edward was born in 1989 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He had 2 brothers... One died in a paramilitary involved conflict in 1995 whilst trying to defuse a drug deal gone wrong and the other brother Michael was murdered on Christmas eve 2009. Michael was Teddys idol, whatever Michael did Teddy also followed. Michael joined the police as he wanted to make sure Robert's death could be avoided by others. Teddy shortly thereafter joined the force in 2008 as a young lad and was devoted to helping where he could. When Michael died Teddy was on duty and was first on the scene, he was gutted. A hard 4 months ensued as Teddy tried his best to find out who killed his brother. Dozens of rejected warrants, dozens of sleepless nights, Teddy had to do this on his own. In the spring of 2010, Teddy had found his brothers murderer through unsolicited under cover work. He brought this forward to his captains and instead of being fired for misconduct he was moved to homicide where he would then become the countries most recognised detective. With the arrest of Jordan Kincaid, this brought a series of events that led up to teddy's promotion, An illegal paramilitary was brought down with Jordan's arrest which was a massive win for not just the force, but for Belfast too Teddy had done Michael, and Robert proud. Years went past and Teddy had an idea, he wanted more from his skills and was unhappy with corruption in the force so he promptly resigned from his job. He opened TD Investigations in 2014 and was happy to be a P.I as he liked the peace that came with it. With being a top-dog P.I Teddy got involved in some massive cases which brought him around the world and Chernarus was Teddy's home for the time being as he took a case involving the disappearance of a 17 year old kid. The victims mother had called Teddy about her son Teddy was shocked about where the woman lived as he was still in Belfast. Something in Teddy made him accept it, he thought of his mother and the 2 sons she lost. He didn't want this to happen to the woman. Early January was roughly when Teddy landed in Chernarus and he was fascinated with how different it was from the UK. He had his assignment and now all that was left to do was find the woman's son. Teddy soon made a discovery that shook both him and the woman, her son was found dead in a forest. Brutalised from head to toe by a wolf. Teddy was in a damaged state as he tried to forget the boy's face. Teddy was going insane sitting in his hotel room so he went out for a stroll around town, he bumped into a Tourist at a marquee where they talked for a brief moment, The frenzied virus became a topic they talked about and this just gave Teddy another reason to get out ASAP Teddy read up on the Virus native to Istanbul and soon became paranoid. Talks of a vaccine were being discussed on the news channels so this calmed him a little bit in February Teddy was having a coffee in his hotel Café and noticed an ambulance speed past the window, then another passed, then another, then another. Surely enough Teddy was curious and walked outside to look, he saw people setting up Med-Tents on the side of the road and was intrigued, as anyone would be. March was coming up and Teddy was closely watching the news and was paranoid about the Frenzied flu that was being talked about as cases were rising rapidly. Then one day.. Teddy was outside his hotel smoking a cigarette when the army showed up and explained to the hotel occupants and staff they needed to quarantine. Slowly but surely he developed an alcohol problem as the news was too much for him, he called his mum and dad who then tried to calm Teddy down by saying its not a big deal. However the atmosphere in Chernarus spoke different. March 2020 Teddy was speaking with his wife on the phone and was livid with the situation he was in, no flights were going or coming which meant Teddy just had to wait in his hotel room until this all blew over. This is where Teddy's success left him, in a soviet bloc-like hotel during a pandemic. Everything started to deteriorate. April 2020 Teddy's hotel had become a relocation camp and he hated the over-crowded rooms and unbearable noise so he snuck out, and went for a walk to clear his head. Everything was so quiet, things that used to be full of life are no longer. Teddy just wanted to go home. On his way back to the camp he heard screams coming from inside the hotel and waited before re-entering, gunshots then followed. A woman had gotten outside the gates and was crying as she ran, Teddy hid around the corner and then The woman fell, She started twitching and foaming. Then after a brief minute or two she stumbled back up. Teddy called out to her, She looked at him, Teddy looked into her eyes and knew straight away, she wasn't there anymore. Teddy fled into the forest nearby
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