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  1. I had a radio up until I said tell them to meet me at the back gate, at which point I dropped radio and ran to the gate. After this moment, as previously stated I WAS DEAFENED IN DISCORD AND GUYS CAN CONFIRM THIS. I deafened because I understand the rules around meta and so your poor attempt at trying to instigate this report is invalid. Kind Regards and Stay Safe. Captain Matumbo.
  2. I struggle to understand where I insult people multiple times, I remember last night insulting niller before the sit and at the end. So you are spreading false allegations @ImFrosty. I would appreciate if this dispute remained between me, Niller and the admins without everyone trying to team up in the forums too(You were asked for pov only, not your oppinion). Livingston would sacrifice himself for the survival of his team, and so you cannot call NVOF, as that is just his natural behavior. If it was not Gear Rp then why did you care so much to leave people unguarded and go hunting loot. If it wasn't gear RP why did you care when I came naked? As i have said 5+ times I was deafened as I like to uphold high quality role play. Your source is a guy that hates me. My guys can confirm I was Deafened. I getting tired of answering the same questions, so please read the above posts before asking. As i have said earlier throught the duration of the day, NO FOUL PLAY OR POOR RP was displayed. I have nothing more to say and I will let the admins take it from here. Kind Regards and Stay Safe. Captain Matumbo.
  3. Is this you guys admiting that you were only interested in Gear so you were Gear RP'ing. This is not allowed. I was never heading to the front entrance. Due to my Spetznaz training Livingston knows that you don't meet on the enemies location as this can result in ambush. Instead I radioed in a channel the location of my gear in case anything happend, then I told Adam to tell you to meet me at the back gate. I dropped my radio and gear and ran to the gate DEAFENED IN DISCORD the minute the radio dropped. Him relaying the info to you, would have taken time, enabling me to set off to the gate quicker and with less weight than your team, and as a result I was near the gate when Adam opened it. The distance can be seen in the image below: Kind Regards and Stay Safe. Captain Matumbo.
  4. I have guys who can all tell you I remained muted from the point of my radio leaving my person. You are listening to a guy who hates me ( @AlexiBlazgovic) and we frequently disagree, so of course he will say I was unmuted even tho, I made an explicit point to my guys that I was going to be deafened. I always play fair no matter the circumstance, because where is the fun in not RPing properly. No RP was given, telling me I was going to be executed. This is Poor RP. As you know I'm a relatively new player to the server. I have a strong understanding of RP, and to my knowlege I have done no Injustice. Lets let the admins take the wheel from here. Kind Regards and Stay Safe. Captain Matumbo
  5. Correct Davai on its own means this, but not in the sentence strung together by Livingston. - And so did NOT ask for death. You did not know what I said in Russian and so had to google translate it. This could be viewed as meta, due to google not being around in the apocolypse. You had to find out the meaning after the event, and so I was killed without you knowing what I was saying. This shows I was killed without you having knowledge of what was said. This is meta as you are using out of game knowledge to justify your actions. Tree killed me without the knowledge of what I said. I was prepared to die for my team, like every military personnel, which is exactly what happened, and so in this situation I valued my life, but valued the lives of my team more. 1 possible death is better than 4. If we see in the video, the majority of the insulting was done by your guys, I insulted you at the start and end only, without being told "If you keep insulting me I will have you executed." This is because I did not continuously insult you. In short : There was no Meta by me. I valued my life, but valued my multiple guys lives more (acceptable RP circumstance). And at no point was the RP bad, I always try my best, or then there would be no point playing an RP server. I have explained and answered all questions to the best of my ability and knowledge, and hope it is clear to all there was no foul play and No poor RP. Kind Regards and Stay Safe. Captain Matumbo
  6. Its still KOS on the execution, I was not told to be killed, or told if I didn't stop insulting you then I would be killed. He just did it, if you re watch the video you will see this. NO EXECUTION RIGHTS WERE GAINED. Didn't say anything and at no point did I say "Быстрее быстрее" - Which means faster. HE WAS NOT TOLD TO KILL ME AS YOU CAN SEE IN THE VIDEO. And so at this point I feel like your argument has fallen flat. There was no foul play from me, why would there be, I like the server and the high level of role play. Any more questions, or is this situation resolved. I did not meta, and I tried to give a high quality of military sacrifice RP. Kind regards and Stay Safe. Livingston.
  7. I wouldn't know this as I was executed, but if this is the case, then that part is forgiven. But why make such a big thing of me offering the gun if you still take it XD?
  8. Hi All, Sorry to stir up such a ruckus. I will conduct my reply professionally so it is easy to follow. @NillerThe first insult was when you asked was blown up more than it should have been by the scouser. I then felt bad for @Niller, as he had no gun (Or so I thought), and so I returned with an SMG. I dropped it for him, and was laughed out the room., to where my gun was throw, un-retreavalbe and left to de-spawn, despite my best efforts of trying to obtain it, possible instance of griefing. (Niller did not throw the gun). My guys then deafened in discord"Radios went dark" I knew something was afoot and so ran onto a nearby hill with binoculars. I could see that my friends were being made to drop/lower weapons. Knowing they would want me to do the same, I ran away. On the Radio, I was told to come back unarmed with my hand up, to avoid being killed, after their multiple attempted man hunts. And so took this literally, coming unarmed and ungeared. Before I put my radio down, I gave my team the location of the gear, so if I were to die, they could continue to try and survive(The RP reasoning).I said to @AlexiBlazgovic tell them I am at the back door, to roleplay my Spetznaz training, of being unpredictable. From this point on I WAS DEAFENED IN RADIO/DISCORD, If you need you can bring me in a call later with my guys, who can confirm. They said a few insults to me and began to get angry, where they said to take them to my gear. Novomidtrovsk has been seiged and gear raided by STRONG ARM FACTIONS for the last week or so, everyday constantly. It i s getting to the point where my team are beginning to stop playing this server. I believe it says explicitly in the rules some players do not enjoy being constantly robbed and killed. It is always the same patter. "Do you want protection?" "No we have 2 military groups thank you." *Seige begins*. And so for this reason, Livingston (My Character) felt he ran the risk of execution, even when showing them the gear location. He didn't want to give them supplies to do this to others, and ran the risk of making a sacrifice. I lead the captors 1.5km away to the Novo industrials west, where they found no gear. I knew at this point I was running the risk of death. But I did this in order to save the lives of team mates by letting them be unguarded and flee the capital. Guns were pointed at me, and I insulted the captors in Russian. THEN I WAS EXECUTED WITHOUT RIGHTS OR REASONING BY A MEMEBER OF THE GROUP - KOS, Invalid execution. The execution can be seen in the video and I would appreciate the staff looking into this for me. I believe it to be invalid. To answer question @Realize, My radio was dropped with my gear. I was Deafened from then onward. I believe them to have broken a few of the following rules: 2.3 Be a good sport. Do not focus on PvP aspect of the game and attack everything that moves just because you can or are good at it. Remember that not many players will enjoy being constantly attacked, therefore you should not dominate other groups or players into submission to a point where they can no longer accomplish their regular role play or enjoy the game. 3.7 You are not allowed to force an action, condition or belief through role play upon another players character unless the action is specifically consented to by the other player using OOC text. This is called power gaming. Certain extreme role play like rape is not allowed at all and is considered power gaming regardless of consent. 4.8 Griefing is act of damaging, destroying, blocking or otherwise despawning a player built structure, vehicle, storage container or their contents with ill intent or without valid IC reasoning.(The MP5) I hope you will concider everything I have stated. I would be happy to answer any questions. Kind Regards and Stay Safe. Image Below of map Livingston Matumbo - Captain Matumbo.
  9. Hi Niller, I am sorry that you feel our verbal discussion was not enough, where I sufficiently answered all of the above. I will look forward to answer these questions and pointing out your errors too in the morning, when I can concentrate more. Kind Regards and Stay Safe Captain Matumbo
  10. I was born in Somali, to a Russian mother and a British father. At a young age I was taught to fire a weapon and hunted lions with my dad. I sent to a Russian Military School ran by my mothers friend (Voyennaya Akademiya General'nogo Shtaba Vooruzhennykh Sil Rf). I aced all stages and enrolled with the Russian Army, I did many mission and then I was move to the Spetznaz Division (Spec ops). After a multiple successful missions I decided to leave and join a group of ex special forces (Mercenaries) the pay was good and we never sustained casualties, then the virus hit, I lost a lot of my team, now there are only a few of us left. We want to restart the mercenary business.
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