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  1. Traves Johansen was born into a dysfunctional and abusive family in a small violent, crumbling wasteland-like town called Smørfjord. To survive in this harsh town Smørfjord you must be cold-hearted and cruel, yet Traves stuck his neck out for his brothers after their parents abandoned them. He used to fight over food and places to sleep for him and his two brothers, Marchus and Nick, both struggling with an illness. After multiple years of him and his brothers struggling, he started a gang called The Boyz to protect his brother and make everyone’s lives easier. In his spare time, he would indulge in late-night fishing with a kind, blind old man near his old broken cabin in the outskirts of the city. He learned an abundance of knowledge of the old world. The culture and all of its wonders and stories are amazed by Traves. Of course, he also believed that those fantasies could never come true, so he stooks by caring for his brothers and gang members. After many years of him living in Smørfjord, his world changed after the Bandits attacked and pillaged his city. He managed to fight off the bandits with the help of his gang. He forgot about the old man and by the time he got there, it was too late. Traves scared and filled with adrenaline, ran as fast as he could to the old man’s place, only to find the old man killed. After this attack, Traves decided to travel out of town with his sickly brothers and his gang. After multiple months of traveling aimlessly through the lands. They heard of a mythical city called Nyheim southeast of Smørfjord. Unfortunately, Nick, the youngest out of the three brothers, grew worse in health. A week before the group got to Nyheim Nick passed away surrounded by the ones he grew up with. The group now in despair decided to continue and around April of 2068 they arrived in Nyheim. The first couple of months felt alien to the group, all they knew was violence and brutality. So the new life in a big city was foreign to them, but they managed to rent out a floor of an apartment for all of the boys to room up in and hunker down in. A lot of the members took up fishing, butchering, housecleaning, and bartenders. Traves also decided to join in with some of his men and became a fisherman. They were all put in the same crew and manage to make new friends and get into many dumb adventures. In Trave’s spare time he practices kickboxing and often went to the bar and drank and enjoyed his time with the rest of the boys. It was a peaceful and fulfilling life for Traves and his gang until the pandemic hit and everyone went into quarantine. A lot of his men died and Marchus, his last remaining brother, started to get worse and worse every day. On August 7th, 2069 part of the apartment building was bombed, and more than half of The Boyz burned to death that day. Traves managed to get Marchus and with the remainder of The Boyz decided to leave Nyheim sense they realized how unsafe the city became. On their blind journey, they found a town and decided to settle down for a bit until they had the supplies to continue their travels. Traves and some of the boys started to build up this little settlement. After months of hard work and struggle, they finally made a base they could call home. Traves became the leader of the settlement and it slowly started to grow and in relation, popularity. On a late night of drinking, a rogue group of The Boyz betrayed Traves and it started a civil war that lasted all night. The rouge group came in the vector, The rouge Boyz kidnapped Traves’ brother and left the settlement in ruins. Now Traves wanders around trying to find the rogue traitors and his lost brother.
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