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  1. Aeron Hudson Asher, Had a unconventional childhood; Being a military brat and moving too much with his home life being... chaotic to say the least – Fast forward a few years, Aeron seems to be engrossed in photo-journalism and general journalistic writing, having himself a college ride to being a journalist despite his step-father wanting him to join the military – Fast forward a few more years; He seems to be chasing the Pulitzer prize like a feral dog trying to find its next meal, trying his damnest to make his step-father proud of him which was a fruitless endeavor; Finding himself and his closest friend Edmund “Teddy” Alexander, whom was more of a father figure to him than his own step-father, overseas to cover the current pandemic that seems to be slowly building across Turkey, to get a scoop... Little did they know, They were stepping into the lions den; The flight was diverted to a Chernarus airport and they were put into quarantine after a state of emergency was called upon the country. Edmund and Aeron's trip was made into what seemed like an indefinite stay, Not able to get a flight out and stuck in a small back water town, that despite all the precaution taken, had the virus sweep through and infect almost everyone except for Aeron, some how either he was lucky to not be targeted or he was lucky enough to have antibodies already but his Father figure had been hit with the brunt force of the virus as if he took both his own and Aeron's dose. As the pair watched the rest of the town including Edmund slowly become brainless, aggressive zombies that attacked anything that they could hear; The entirety of the country deteriorate into absolute chaos as the virus practically took over Europe. Edmund, knowing he was going to be turned into one of those creatures, begged and pleaded for Aeron to kill him, Which Aeron reluctantly obliged, snapping the moment he stabbed his only father figure; watching the life disappear from Teddy's eyes as he continue to plunge that knife into the older man and kept going til it went dull or seemed as such. Although tears didn't seem to fall, he just... kept going because it made Aeron feel something, something he never experienced BUT as such, he attracted a few undesirables in the zombies and hastily made his escape into the woods close by. In the moment of his calmness, he broke even more; deep in his psyche, He heard Teddy talk to him, Telling him to murder those who wronged him, those who were unneeded for the world to survive so that Teddy may live once and That is what Aeron sat out to do.
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