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  1. Born in the impoverished city of Tolyatti, he was not birthed into wealth. His parents were dirt poor, and he had little outer family to speak of besides his grandparents who lived with his parents - constraining the costs of living in their home even more. Early on he was given little education, unable to go to school as his parents have any way to get him there, save for walking which was unsafe for such a young child in a dangerous city. As he grew up, life seemed to get only more and more difficult. He wore the same clothes nearly everyday, his shoes were falling apart and he was emaciated and hungry every day, his parents and grandparents not fairing much better. After saving up what little money they could they purchased a car, which barely worked but had enough room to fit everyone and fit what they needed to bring from there ratty apartment. They headed for the more rural part of Russia, knowing that the city life would only leave them famished with pockets full of pennies and lint. After arriving in an unmarked village, they acquainted themselves with the locals and rooted themselves within the community after a few months. Building their own dingy but respectable cabin, they lived off the land much like the other people who lived among them. Not worrying about wealth or money, they would continue a semi-lonely but comfortable life of fishing, hunting, gathering water from nearby rivers and fashioning their own clothes and shoes. Aaron did not seem to affected by the change, though, was definitely still lacking in education. He was taught by older members of the village and also educated by his parents, learning what was considered 'important'. In his teenage years he found a great creative outlet in woodwork and writing, eventually getting a dictionary for his birthday which he cherished and studied religiously. He would write short stories and make wooden statues that went along with them, making crude figurines of the characters he spent most of his free time writing about, free time being something he had often. Over time he would graduate to writing more verbose and long stories, learning how to use basic plot structure and other necessities of writing. When he became an adult, he began to gather what little money he could and left for greener pastures, getting tired of being held down by the village life he'd grown used to. Going from city to city until reaching Sochi, he would go on to write a book full of revised short stories he'd written as a child, which he'd later self publish and make a reasonable amount of money from. He used to money accrued to go on a vacation to Chernaraus, wanting to write about the history of the place, the many uncharted areas of it, and also to go ice fishing during the winter. When everything went down, he was suddenly cut from contact with his family after a mysterious incident he has trouble recalling where he lost nearly everything he had, causing him to have to start from scratch. His one goal is to return to Russia, or regain contact with his family. As far as he concerned, that is what is most important.
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