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  1. Borm in the Bronx Luca and his family had nothing. Luca was the type of kid who would always be pulling pranks or roughing other kids up. He didn't take the disrespect the other kids threw his way due to their poverty, at the age of 13 he broke another kids Humerus and 4 fingers for talking shit about Lucas sister. Luca always tried his best to look out for the family and his siblings. His brother Benito started working for a crime family pretty early on and Luca looked up yo Benito and always followed his brothers lead so he became an enforcer for that very same crime family. Luca never really had an aspersions for his future, he became so caught up in the money, drugs, women, and fighting he just kinda drifted around enforcing for that family. He was always terrifying to others due to the fact you could never tell when he was joking. He would crack a joke and be laughing all the way up to when he would crack them with a bat. (Years later) Benito told Luca about a venture their boss was gonna send Benito on, to spread the power of the family to another country called Chenarus. Luca was to join Benito to start their drug trade and moonshine distribution in Chenarus. Character Traits: funny, snarky, pissy, fighter
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