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  1. Day: ??? Entry: 5 (Why am I still writing?) Got a new book. I doubt I'll be seeing Mary soon enough to get my old one back. So...That's it. I've fucking lost it. I got nowhere to go. Nobody to see anymore and now, I'm seeing more fucking ghosts. This time...it was Val. I awoke to a fire. The orange gleaming off the trees and logs. Took me a hot second to recognize him but...I did and he recognized me. We talked about...well life actually. Also talked about Ticker. Our shared experiences with her and I gave him the news about her fate. All in all. Nice conversation. But he deserved more than what he got in the crappy life. I got a new mission now. Find the best scientists and psychologists in the land and bring them together. I swear on my grave. I will stop another Candy before they even get the chance to start. For now though I will dub this group of intellectuals... The Vallen institute of Psychology and the Sciences.
  2. Well boys. For the short time I was in the group. I had a blast. From the politics to the firefights. It was all awesome RP. See you in apocalypse!
  3. Day: ??? Entry: 4 I slept in the woods last night...I think I'm starting to lose it. Had a awful dream. I was in a forest, a thick mist surrounding me. My tent was gone. My bag and weapons? Also gone. I was lost. Alone. With nothing but the clothes on my back. Suddenly, I heard a voice. A voice I know all too well. That of who else but Candy? As I attempted to follow they spoke. Told me a parasite was hunting me. Just as they backed away the leaves behind me started to erupt. The trees bending back in the most unnatural of ways. Grabbing at me. I ran towards the voice, coming across a tree that took the shape of a woman. In it's lap sat the figure. I ran and just as whatever was behind me had caught up, I leapt and grabbed onto their outstretched hand. I was pulled up after having a moment to catch my breath they spoke up again. The same voice of Candy. "Hello...little brother." the figure said. It was now that I realized this was not Candy, but rather her other personality. Ticker. We talked for a while. I then realized the figure itself was void black. A white outline surrounding it's shape, which was genderless while still keeping the signature voice. Eventually I was told by 'Ticker' to wake up. Which I did just in time, to discover infected had surrounded my tent. I have taken care of them and have since paused to write this. As I do...I swear I can still see 'Ticker' in the corner of my eye. But I'm not asleep. ...Am I?
  4. Day: ??? Entry: 3 The following is written in scribbles. It's also written lyrical style. Wait at the gates for me, bitch I'm dying Fate is a weight, debate the state of my mind Generate hate, emotion I cannot find I'm feeling great and I don't have enough time To tell you all I want to, ain't no way to rewind The way it seems to taunt you, the world is not kind At moments, it can haunt you when shit's out of line Just know that I'll be gone too and no one will mind And no one will mind That you were one of many who were thrown to the swine That you were sipping henny or you tripping on wine That someone took a bullet, put it into your spine Just smile and know that no one will mind Any moment body might break Anybody wanna die baked? Fuck yeah at this rate Pick a date "real late", hoe, it ain't no debate With no mind With nothing in your head I'll speak my truth 'till I'm dead Fuck every fed, I'm getting red in the face I ain't put you in your place Will you submit? Bow down! Stare at your feet or "look up at me take a seat" Suck on your teeth I go so dumb on the beat Bec cuz I know one day I'll be under some feet Like you! Like you and me Best friends forever in the fucking trees Less than a feather, better sail the breeze Atoms gather in the sky and in the land and seas Murderers and people that defend the bees Women and they children and the men they please Sky dimming, I be grinning I can end this tease At what's it like to be a god brought to bend his knees
  5. Day: ??? Entry: 2 What the actual fuck? I got shit being spread about me now...something about me being the one to kill Candy? Some Jackson guy wanting to talk to me. I know Candy talked about him but I never saw him in my time around the pub. I...did Fredrick spread this shit around to cover his ass? I never wanted to kill her I wanted to bring her back and get her the help she needed and now that I got this going around, I can't trust anyone. Tate. Fredrick. Maybe Marry. Hell maybe the entire group heard a story from Fredrick. Come to think of it...Williams brought it up to me. I mean it when I write this Journal. Candy, despite what she did...She was like a sister to me.
  6. Day: ???, Entry: 1 Welp. Found this old journal. Guess I'll start writing in here and get some things off my chest. Everyone else is too busy to talk most of the time anyway so it's not like I got any other choice I suppose. Journal, I need to admit something. Candy is dead, and I didn't get to pull the trigger. Should I be happy? Sad? Disappointed? I feel like it's a combination of both...her death reminds me of what she told me. "You'll hear your own ticking soon enough Tex. And then you'll be just like me." I don't want to be, and yet I'm feeling it. I haven't admitted this to anyone I know. But when I killed one of them Russians, I enjoyed it. Hell. Part of me wants to leave the docs group and take up bounty hunting. I'll need to sleep on it. My thoughts here are just rambling on at this point.
  7. Hmmm yes. Can't wait to get tied to a chair for wearing a field jacket in Berizeno.
  8. Born in Dallas, Texas in 2002 Michael was simply lucky, Born into a fairly well off family he spent his life not having to lift a finger other than the occasional chore of taking out the trash or cleaning his room. He got decent grades through his career as a student. Making a B average for himself. On the weekends he and his dad would go hunting when the seasons permitted. Among his favorite game to take were ducks, however when he got home on his last day of school his parents gave him an exciting announcement. He was to be brought big game hunting in where else but good ol' chernarus. He couldn't say for sure but he was pretty certain his parents used some less than legal bribes to make this trip happen, and he didn't care. Weeks later he found himself on the shores of chernarus. Sadly. It didn't take long for shit to hit the fan as suddenly diseased looking things came from the brush making quick work of the tour guide, in a panic he ran. Leaving both gun and backpack behind. Running away with nothing but the clothes on his back. This was the start of hell for the young man, time will tell what fate will befall him.
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