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  1. -EARLY LIFE- Born in the small town of Scarlino, Italy during the early hours of the morning on December 15, 1966, Benito Luciano was raised in considerable poverty. His father a mill worker, and his mother a seamstress, Benito's early years were defined by misfortune and hardship. At the age of five in 1971, his parents decided to test their prospects with Lady Liberty and set out west on a steamboat made way to the Empire State of New York in America. Shortly after, Benito's family made their way into the Bronx where his father found work in a textile factory and his mother as a maid. It was during this time that Benito was placed into the public school system. The children there picked on him for the array of tattered rags that he wore to school every day. The lack of respect they had for him disgusted Benito to core. At the age of 15, Benito's father died in an accident at the factory due to poor working conditions and hazardous machinery. His mother was never the same after the accident. He dropped out of school that year to take help provide for his family. His sister, Isabella, who was six by this point, Luca, who was three, and a one-year-old Gianno. One day while on his way to the corner-store, Benito encountered a short middle-aged man by the name of Frankie Sinnoci, who said he had work for a kid like him. Benito ran bottles of alcohol placed in inconspicuously packaged crates as a courier. Her delivered them, no questions asked, just like Frankie ordered. Benito did not mind the implications of what he was doing as long as he made a modest earning for his family. More importantly to him, was that people began to treat him with respect. Benito learned very quickly that 𝘧𝘢𝘮𝘪𝘭𝘺, among all things was what mattered most. -MID-LIFE- Receiving praise from from other members for his good work, Benito quickly rose through the ranks of the Genovese Crime Family. He became a made man in 1989 at the age of 23, doing hits for the boss, Liborio "Barney" Bellomo, soon becoming one of his most loyal members. In 1999 Benito's beloved sister married an enforcer of the Family named Bruno Garlani, who had a drinking problem, and whom Benito highly disapproved. In 2003 Benito caught wind that Bruno was beating Isabella and their four-year-old son, Leo. Benito immediately drove to their house, took the hammer from the back of his car and commanded Isabella to take Leo outside. he busted Bruno's kneecaps into shards and peeled back the fingernails from fat fingers. He wanted to murder him on the spot, but he knew he would have to consult the Boss first. Benito had Isabella Leo get into their car and drive to his house to use for the time being. Benito shoved the bloodied Bruno into the back of his sedan and floored it to Barney's, while simultaneously on a call with him, belligerently baffling about the situation. Barney explained that Bruno's actions were utterly unacceptable and that they would take care of things together. Upon arriving at Barney's and being shoved from outside the car into the home, Bruno was never seen or heard from again. From this point on Benito's life goal became to protect and provide for Isabella and Leo. Almost all of his earnings and his spare time went into caring for the two. It took a toll on Benito, but it did not matter, they were family. In 2006 Isabella was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and died after a short and grueling battle in early 2007. This event impacted Benito unfathomably. He had felt he was a failure because he could not protect the one he loved the most. Benito looked into Leo's pain-stricken eyes and saw pure untapped potential. After his mother's death, Benito took his nephew under his wing, and started him out working in the Family. -CURRENT TIMES- By 2016, at the age of 50, Benito had finally become a Capo of the Genovese Family. This pleased him immensely, as he knew this would command utmost respect. He became in charge of embezzlement of stolen goods though store fronts. By the order of Barney himself, in 2018 Benito was ordered to start a new operation of establishing stores to front illicit drugs and moonshine throughout the struggling war-torn country of Chernarus, as this would expand the Family's influence. Benito was told there was a large market for this line of work in developing ex-Soviet Satellites such as the one he was assigned to. -CHARACTER TRAITS- Deceptive, loving, charismatic, dominating, calculated, fair
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