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  4. Welcome to @Malthis! I've been thrilled with the RP I've seen you bring to the table so far, and can't wait to see where you go from here. Don't worry, we'll get you some therapy.
  5. I feel like I say this often, but I truly don't know where to start. Yesterday was a wild ride, and when I thought it had calmed down, all hell broke loose. Thank you to @Jackfish, @SynO, @NillerSB, @Franny, and pretty much -all- of the Inner Circle people who were present yesterday. Just when I think certain RP moments will never be topped, I get proven wrong. Last night was perhaps the most intense, fun, and terrifying RP I've ever been given. Looking forward to seeing where all this goes. Thank you to @tz, for providing an immersive negative reaction to what happened. Mary felt h
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  7. The case of the potential geriatric kidnapping.
  8. Another welcome is in order for @Ethan-J! Better late than never, right? Can't wait to see Leon in action. I'm sure he's come a long way since that discussion about being taught back in Pusta.
  9. Welcome to @GreenySmileyand @AMERICAsimp:)
  10. Enjoy your new spray tan 🙂

  11. Holy crap. Where do I even begin? So much happened today, it was absurd. Thanks to @Fallen_666s, @pl4nk, and @Earlfor the joke session that had me both cringe at times, and nearly die of laughter other times. Thank you to @Jackfishfor more solid RP, as I've come to expect from you at this point. Thank you to @SimpJacobfor getting hoisted into Mary's care, hopefully we can get that stomach bug sorted. Thank you to @tzand whoever the old man was. I was crying laughing, apologies for telling him that "at least he didn't get shot in the dick".
  12. I love itttttt! Hello new discord picture. Gotta rep mary
  13. Huge shout out to @That Hotdogfor the amazing RP today. You gave me a run for my money especially when you managed to make me panic both ICly and OOCly. I’ve never opened google so fast I stg.
  14. We're back, bitches. Updated the graphics (Thank you, @Lettuce!) and overhauled the goals to match the current climate. Took a bit of inspiration from Inner Circle, adding in color coded goals for leadership. Looking forward to RPing with you all!
  15. Just wanted to thank @Fallen_666s, @Lettuce, @Franny, and @Jackfishfor keeping me occupied over the last few days with text rp while my internet was out. Looking forward to interacting with you all IG again.
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