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  1. Before the outbreak, Nicolas spent most of the time playing sports and he enjoyed it quite a lot actually. When the thing came, he was only prepared physically. Losing family, friends and other relatives wasn't easy for him and only after having to put down his younger brother after getting bitten, he decided to head outwards for some new adventures, as he had nothing else left in Georgia. Going there wasn't easy though, having Caucasus mountains as the first stop took a toll on him. It took Nicolas roughly a year and a half to cross Circassia and reach Russia on foot, as the roads were unmanageable and he couldn't risk having his sound heard by the walkers. With the lack of trust against people, Mamageishvili moved alone and he tried his best not to attract any attention, he was silent and he was quick, not like he had any other choice to. As the adventure went on, after roughly three or four years he ended up in Chernarus, that's where his story continues on the server.
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