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  1. Being born into a working class background in 1970's Glasgow is what shaped the rest of Bruce's life. After watching his father pass away he quickly had to take over his dads meat stall in the barras markets, here he learned how to sell, barter and persuade just like his father. Bruce earned well for a young man therefore he decided to carry on running his late fathers stall. So all in all things were going pretty good, until he discovered the bottle and the columbian marching powder. Night after night Bruce binged on cocaine and old rosey cider until one day he awoke from a week long bender. Unfortunately, he wasn't in his hometown, he was on a ferry on his way to Chernarus. Instead of getting the first ferry back home, Bruce decided that he would use his journey to clean up so he could go back to Glasgow to start a family. Bruce has been on Chernarus for the past 5 years, he has worked as a meat salesman as well as an illegal alcohol salesman, which has led him into some run ins with the law!
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