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  1. Any safe city in SA ?

    Often you will find that finding this information out through ingame interactions is much more thrilling. Then you can begin the journey to see if what you have been told is true.
  2. Hello Again

  3. Hello Again

    Hey man long time no see Thanks
  4. Hello Again

    Thanks man Thanks Yea man haha, we have to catch up
  5. Hello Again

    Thanks man, good to be back
  6. Hello Again

    Hi everyone, Majority of you probably don't know me but I'm back from a long break from dayz and its good to see the community has grown with plenty of eager rpers. I'm pumped to get back ingame an meet all the new faces with a new found excitement for rp. For the past couple months I've found myself engrossed in CS:GO. If your keen on the game be sure to hit me up for the occasional match.
  7. Very detailed guide! Many, including myself, will have found it extremely useful.
  8. New whitelist system coming Soon™

    I've been here for about 8 months now, have not broken a single rule, not received a single ban or a single warning point. I may not have been here as long as the vets but i don't feel like I should have to re whitelist either. My history has been nothing but clean. I clearly understand the lore and the rules quite well as do many others.
  9. Cya mate, they all come back. Surely you know this
  10. Getting into a full server

    that it is its a cycle for me. Enter, Control+Paste, Enter, Enter, Repeat
  11. Bulletin board

    I dont play the game as of yet but it seems logical. Not sure how this is viewed by actual players tho.
  12. Lots of reports?

    To be fair i think a lot of people come to avoid KOS, in the beginning at least. When i first saw DayZRP i thought oh yea i wont get killed by everyone but then i sent in my app and created my story. It became more than that and grew to become something special. People will learn and some will not. The only thing that divides the two is the report section. People will continue to get weeded out for their poor efforts.
  13. The day my life changed

    the amount of times ive done this or had it done to me...
  14. ARMA 3 RP?

    So many threads on this but yea soon.
  15. Crazy RPers

    Over used. People over do it. Simple as that.