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  1. I honestly really like the idea, but my only concern would be whether or not freshspawns or lesser-geared people would fall victim to these animals if they are moved. It is my only concern really, but otherwise I am very much for the idea as it would make it a bit more interesting and see help people the effects of the story unfolding in the world. A shaky and hesitant +1
  2. Hello Svobodnys! I had an entire wall of text written up that I was going to give you guys as feedback, pointing out the good and bad things. But I missed the entire text because my dumb ass managed to click on a bookmark, losing all the progress I had. So let me rewrite this as a bit of a smaller tl;dr form. I am willing to elaborate on things in DMs or in this thread once I wake up tommorrow The good: 1. Your group was formed based on Events that happened in the server. Things that were roleplayed out and characters like Yurij @The Preacher made this group based on h
  3. I absolutely LOOOOVED the Fighting Tournament today! I was originally going to show up to do Catering for the Bar and for another personal reason, but ended up becoming a reluctant fighter within the Tournament, and I actually managed to fight my way past several people and ended up having some of the most intense and fun fights with Zasha @Panda. Hearing the crowd go absolutely mental over our fight and the eventual win/draw/loss of mine was so awesome and it made me feel so cool. Absolutely immersive stuff and I cherished being a part of it. Love you all so much for it. A big sorry
  4. Big ups to @The Preacher and @Jackfish for your roleplay today. Was a good time arriving in Cherno and pretty much standing between 2 groups who ideologically oppose each other and having both try to bargain over me a little bit, one side wanting to take my Platie and the other telling me not to give it up. Was tense but at the same time very humorous. Also thanks to @Franny for the ensuing roleplay in which we FINALLY met after lots of IC conversations in DMs, the Tarot Card reading actually hit very close to my character and I am so happy that we did it. Was some great development overa
  5. LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I am so glad to finally see this group page up and I hope to have some good strong roleplay with you guys.
  6. I echo this. Absolutely phenomenal Wedding and it was the first time that I got to partake in such a grand event. The ensuing chaos regarding the Afterparty and the Fallout from it were also great and lead to some great character development for my Character. Hoping to see more of AWOL and Tammy, you guys got great chemistry.
  7. Server and location: Server 1 - Road between Stary Sobor and Kabanino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2021-04-08- 17:00 Your in game name: Christian Kleehammer Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: Chedakis (Logs will show) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Red Sarka Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): The video is a full 20 minutes long with the initiation being in the last minutes. I was not able to record them //'ing me to turn my stream off, but I am certain that logs will show. Detailed descrip
  8. Don't feel the need to apologize. It is clear that you are very passionate about this issue and it shows me that you've had a ton of experience with this type of ordeal. I don't take any personal offense, at the end of the day, discussions like this are supposed to have differing point of views arguing their points so that the people in the discussion, or on-lookers can make up their own mind. My opinion of you stays the same regardless. Even if we disagree I will say, Driving has been less of a stressfull experience since these changes were made and I don't actually dread having a
  9. My issues isn't with the fact that the BMWs specifically are that resistant. My issue is that every car is that resistant. I've driven Sarkas, Olgas and Gunters since the recent Patch and all 3 of those vehicles have just about the same resilience to Crash Damage as a BMW has. I am all fine for having Cars with varying levels of Resilience to Crashing, but as it stands, EVERY car on the Server has god mode, and that needs to be fixed. I know that bugs can heavily dampen the experience of DayZ, but I have learned that it is important to take the good with the bad. Any vid
  10. I don't deliberately ram my car into a tree because I value the life of my character. But I will not deny that since Cars have been more forgiving, I have driven a lot more recklessly and more cocky knowing that nothing can actually happen to me. And that is my point here: - I don't need to carry any spare parts in my Car anymore because I know that a Crash will not damage my Parts anymore, or not sufficiently enough to warrant carrying them. - I drive more recklessly now because I know that my Character is no longer at risk of dying or sustaining any forms of Injury unless I RP
  11. Here is the thing. You're part of the Transporters. The area that you desynced at (The red diamond) was approaching your base (The red rectangle). And it is common knowledge for just about every DayZ player that approaching an area with lots of user-created structures will lead to desync. Many people know the exact spots that cause Desync, such as the ones around the Belic Pub or El Familia's Warehouse in Solnichniy, and will usually always take precautions or risk desyncing into their death. So why is it that didn't slow your car down further before getting close. You know that yo
  12. In what way is it a safety feature when I can ram into a tree at 110km/h and still have a Pristine Spark Plug, Battery and Radiator, even after repeatedly doing so too? Cars have godmode at the moment. If parts do take damage during crashes, then the damage is so miniscule that you might only notice that your parts get to worn after several of those Crashes, and I've yet to see it.
  13. I echo this. I've had numerous crashes yesterday and over the past couple of days, some of which were straight into trees at a solid 110km/h which, under normal circumstances, would've killed me. Yet not only did they not, I also notice that I and many other people crash so many more times because we drive so carelessly and cocky now, because crashes don't mean anything anymore other than a simple loss in time.
  14. 2002 - Die Geburt eines Intellektuellen ------------------------------------------------------------- Christian Kleehammer was born on the 4th of May, 2002 to his father Ernst and his mother Lieselotte, both native Germans living in Sassnitz on the island of Rügen situated in Northeast Germany. Both of his parents grew up in the German Democratic Republic, his father being a firefighter and his mother a nurse, both of them being staunch socialists, and being part of the SED (Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands). Christian spent his young years in bliss, his loving Parents passin
  15. I drove past you guys when you were ramping one of the Gunters only for one of you to tell me to park the car on the side, only for a Gunter to speed past me like a bullet and do a goddamn frontflip on the ramp. You guys are absolute madlads and you had my ass fucking reeling as I drove back to my House.
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