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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://i.imgur.com/EdfV1kI.png Why the verdict is not fair: It was a very fair that was handed out by the staff team, who have shown that the are very consistent in how they moderate the Forums. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I was just minding my own business on the very popular Windows Application known as Discord, when I went into one of my Discord Servers to see that there was a Link to a Forum which was located on the Forums of this DayZ Roleplaying Community, and it was on the topic of adding a Videogame Modification to the Videogame Server, which would allow Players and Staff Members to obtain and bond with four-legged Canines, also known in simpleton speak as a "Dog". I gave my brief opinion on the matter, saying "Dogs are Poggers" and proceeding to chose the positive option in the Thread's poll, which was in favor of adding these Dogs to the Server. Two days passed and I would wake up with cold sweat, to find out through my E-Mail notifications that I had received a caution, and much to my dismay it seems like my post has been deemed "Unnecessary". What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Have my caution and my 0 points removed, so that I may not risk a ban considering my already high point count. What could you have done better?: I have debated what I could have done better, and the only conclusion I was able to come to after sitting down in my massive think tank for a total of 5 minutes was, that the staff team must not like Dogs, but simply prefer Cats instead. I have since educated myself, and I now see why liking Dogs was a foolish decision, Cats are a far more superior house pet to the louse-infested mud-slinging Canine. I am truly sorry for defying the opinion of the Staff, and I bow down to their great wisdom and hope that I may be put back into their good graces by accepting my mistakes and bettering myself as a human being.
  3. *Your radio would crackle back to life, a man with a faint german accent would start to speak, some may recognize the voice as that of Christian Kleehammer* "There is a lot of things to be done to rebuild Chernarus and turn it into a civilized Country once more, one of those things is providing ways for people to practice their Faith once more." "I remember that you've provided your service to the Familia's wedding in Novaya Petrovka, which I've personally attended, and I intend to attend this service too, even if I may not be a man that follows the Eastern Orthodox Faith." *The radio would return to static as the man abruptly stopped talking.*
  4. I honestly really like the idea, but my only concern would be whether or not freshspawns or lesser-geared people would fall victim to these animals if they are moved. It is my only concern really, but otherwise I am very much for the idea as it would make it a bit more interesting and see help people the effects of the story unfolding in the world. A shaky and hesitant +1
  5. Hello Svobodnys! I had an entire wall of text written up that I was going to give you guys as feedback, pointing out the good and bad things. But I missed the entire text because my dumb ass managed to click on a bookmark, losing all the progress I had. So let me rewrite this as a bit of a smaller tl;dr form. I am willing to elaborate on things in DMs or in this thread once I wake up tommorrow The good: 1. Your group was formed based on Events that happened in the server. Things that were roleplayed out and characters like Yurij @The Preacher made this group based on his own perspective, seeing the CLF's Downfall into a split group, one side being the good side and the other being a more radical and sinister side. I personally saw how the effects of CLF's split ate away at Yurij, I did because he had to witness me PK one of my favorite characters, Josh Ponsmith. A lot of the groups that are formed are made out of people that create their Character for that group, so said Characters would often not even have any standing history with the people of Chernarus, and seeing a group that is formed in this way, with people who have history and relationships already, is a breath of fresh air. 2. Your roleplay. You people have near top-notch chemistry together. It truly feels like you guys have spent years fighting together side-by-side, bratri next to sestra, and seeing this bond wherever you guys are is just absolutely awesome. It atleast gives me a warm feeling to always see you guys roll up, or me roll up to you and just have a good time with your banter, inside-jokes and so on so forth. From Yurij the stoic but still lighthearted leader all the way to Kristian the hardass Drill Instructor making people run laps around the Cherno Square. All of you have something that makes your characters unique in my eyes and THAT is something that I enjoy! The worrisome: I personally feel that there are definitely things that can be improved upon, some of the monkeying you guys are doing borders on BadRP, but I've seen you guys improve on that already since your creation, and it is starting to become a non-issue, but I nevertheless want make sure that this is something you guys work on just a tad.
  6. I absolutely LOOOOVED the Fighting Tournament today! I was originally going to show up to do Catering for the Bar and for another personal reason, but ended up becoming a reluctant fighter within the Tournament, and I actually managed to fight my way past several people and ended up having some of the most intense and fun fights with Zasha @Panda. Hearing the crowd go absolutely mental over our fight and the eventual win/draw/loss of mine was so awesome and it made me feel so cool. Absolutely immersive stuff and I cherished being a part of it. Love you all so much for it. A big sorry goes to @RPShilo, who I dropped an Initiation on after he tried to run away after causing a massive moshpit that almost got somebody who was low HP killed. But overall the RP resulting out of it was great and I am happy that my impulsive decision didn't get anybody hurt. (My initiation was a massive character break and a bit of a Josh-thing to do, I apologize so much.) BUT. This initiation resulted in a great scolding for @MaybeleleLRby his Major @The Preacher after Oleg ended up getting very angry and insulting a lot of people, all of which led to a heated argument between Christian and Oleg, which raised the stakes a lot and might have irreparably damaged Christian's relationship with the Svobodnys, or atleast with Oleg. Thank you to EVERYBODY for this great day, This is the kind of shit that I registered on DayZRP for, and I wish every day could be this awesome!
  7. Big ups to @The Preacher and @Jackfish for your roleplay today. Was a good time arriving in Cherno and pretty much standing between 2 groups who ideologically oppose each other and having both try to bargain over me a little bit, one side wanting to take my Platie and the other telling me not to give it up. Was tense but at the same time very humorous. Also thanks to @Franny for the ensuing roleplay in which we FINALLY met after lots of IC conversations in DMs, the Tarot Card reading actually hit very close to my character and I am so happy that we did it. Was some great development overall. The fist fight training between you and Kola was a joy to watch as well. And not to forget, thanks to all of the Svobodnys and People from Lost Highway who came to visit the Second Bar within the Svobodny Outpost and shared some drinks after taking care of the Communist Threat. Today was absolutely amazing and a huge thank you for making this day so memorable. SLAVA CHERNARUS
  8. LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I am so glad to finally see this group page up and I hope to have some good strong roleplay with you guys.
  9. I echo this. Absolutely phenomenal Wedding and it was the first time that I got to partake in such a grand event. The ensuing chaos regarding the Afterparty and the Fallout from it were also great and lead to some great character development for my Character. Hoping to see more of AWOL and Tammy, you guys got great chemistry.
  10. Server and location: Server 1 - Road between Stary Sobor and Kabanino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2021-04-08- 17:00 Your in game name: Christian Kleehammer Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: Chedakis (Logs will show) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Red Sarka Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): The video is a full 20 minutes long with the initiation being in the last minutes. I was not able to record them //'ing me to turn my stream off, but I am certain that logs will show. Detailed description of the events: I had been driving through Chernarus for a while, streaming on Discord in the OOC Channel of the Belic Bar Discord to several people, completing some chores like selling Items to the Western Trader, going to the ATM to stash money and going through NWAF and decided to conclude my Drive by returning to the Berezino Bar. After passing through Kabanino and heading towards Stary Sobor I had been approached by a group of people in the middle of the road that I initially did not see, and was initiated on by the same people. I immediately attempted to stop the Car but due to the speed that I was driving at, it took a while for the car to come to a full stop, during which I was fired upon, even though I had made attempts to comply with the demand of stopping my Car. After I was given roleplay by the Chedakis and put into the back of my own car as a Hostage, they had forgotten to take my Radio, which they rectified by taking it from me through Text Form, and afterwards one of the Hostage Takers sent me a // telling me to turn off my stream and deafen myself in Discord. After that I was given some solid HostageRP in the middle of the woods and was later released again with my Car and an injury. No Time to Comply - I was immediately shot upon when I was initiated on, given little to no time to comply that did not take into account the braking distance of my car, especially at the speeds I was going at. Metagaming - I believe that I was metagamed because at the point of initiation I had been streaming in a publicly viewable channel for over 20 minutes, and due to the way that I was approached and the subsequent demand to turn off my stream, I believe that my position had been metagamed by the Hostage Takers.
  11. Don't feel the need to apologize. It is clear that you are very passionate about this issue and it shows me that you've had a ton of experience with this type of ordeal. I don't take any personal offense, at the end of the day, discussions like this are supposed to have differing point of views arguing their points so that the people in the discussion, or on-lookers can make up their own mind. My opinion of you stays the same regardless. Even if we disagree I will say, Driving has been less of a stressfull experience since these changes were made and I don't actually dread having an entire Discord Voice Channel grow frustrated after one of us crashes a Car with 4 People in it. A lot of that weight is gone. Even if I disagree with your points and still want cars to take more damage than what they currently have, I will still agree that the old damage model was unnecessarily harsh for even the tiniest of crashes.
  12. My issues isn't with the fact that the BMWs specifically are that resistant. My issue is that every car is that resistant. I've driven Sarkas, Olgas and Gunters since the recent Patch and all 3 of those vehicles have just about the same resilience to Crash Damage as a BMW has. I am all fine for having Cars with varying levels of Resilience to Crashing, but as it stands, EVERY car on the Server has god mode, and that needs to be fixed. I know that bugs can heavily dampen the experience of DayZ, but I have learned that it is important to take the good with the bad. Any videogame has bugs, especially Multiplayer games like this, and sure, it is an absolute bitch to die to something that is entirely out of your control, but DayZ in its current state has so many ways to recover from crashing your car or losing your Character to a bug or a Gunfight, because everybody on the Server has a Base with loads of Gear inside of it that they can simply pick up and then go back to doing what they wanted. And if they don't have a Base, they might have friends who do, or they might have an ATM full of Roubles that they can use to re-gear themselves again. No. I want it gone because this is an unintended side effect of changes made to the game/mods and is therefore considered a bug in my book. If I want a vehicle, I know that I do not have to look for one, I know that I can come to the Transporters any day of the week and have you guys sell me a Car, provided that I am on good terms with you guys (Which I am, hopefully). you have already sold me a Red Sarka several days prior on my second Character, Darko. My issue is that Cars can now be monopolized easily because crashing them no longer leads to the probability of having to abandon the car, or the car completely bricking and being reinserted into the vehicle economy as a freshly spawned vehicle again.
  13. I don't deliberately ram my car into a tree because I value the life of my character. But I will not deny that since Cars have been more forgiving, I have driven a lot more recklessly and more cocky knowing that nothing can actually happen to me. And that is my point here: - I don't need to carry any spare parts in my Car anymore because I know that a Crash will not damage my Parts anymore, or not sufficiently enough to warrant carrying them. - I drive more recklessly now because I know that my Character is no longer at risk of dying or sustaining any forms of Injury unless I RP them out to people after a Crash. The only thing that a Crash causes at this current moment is a simple Loss of Time and is seen as little more than an inconvenience by not just me, but the people that I play with, they are looked over and crashing your Car isn't feared anymore. Likewise, I know people who used to look for Cars but no longer find any at their Spawn Points because Nobody's Car breaks anymore, they do not require maintenance now. I never said that I want Ultra Realism. But I simply want a Car to be something that people have to work for and maintain, and then make sure that they do not break it. I have my own issues with people using Floaties and Kiddie Pools for Borderline BadRP purposes, but this is not part of this discussion and I do not know why it is brought up.
  14. Here is the thing. You're part of the Transporters. The area that you desynced at (The red diamond) was approaching your base (The red rectangle). And it is common knowledge for just about every DayZ player that approaching an area with lots of user-created structures will lead to desync. Many people know the exact spots that cause Desync, such as the ones around the Belic Pub or El Familia's Warehouse in Solnichniy, and will usually always take precautions or risk desyncing into their death. So why is it that didn't slow your car down further before getting close. You know that your base will cause desync yet you did not take any precautions as you were going a solid 70km/h with a little bit of slowdown just a few frames before your desync kicked in.
  15. In what way is it a safety feature when I can ram into a tree at 110km/h and still have a Pristine Spark Plug, Battery and Radiator, even after repeatedly doing so too? Cars have godmode at the moment. If parts do take damage during crashes, then the damage is so miniscule that you might only notice that your parts get to worn after several of those Crashes, and I've yet to see it.
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