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  1. Dossers, I'm back! ❤️ 

  2. I'm sorry dude. I thought you were one of them I do apologize.
  3. https://youtu.be/-Tu6kDRPe48 There is the recording. I'm sorry that cannibals story got me tripping and I'm not 100% sober so I just did it the easiest way .
  4. Hi! Sorry I went afk for a second and when I came back I saw the guy aiming around. I thought he was looking for me because I heard about cannibals from other survivors. I did hide for a second and the guy was just aiming around. He seemed hostile to me so I decided to shot. I have a recording of this incident and I am happy to give back everything I took.
  5. Brat was born in Ukraine. He and his parents lost their house after the accident at the power station. They needed to move away and they decided to move abroad. Brat managed to learn a new language very quickly. He got himself a family, everything was beautiful. Then Brats' wife turned crazy and killed all 4 children. He was stabbed 4 times. He was lucky to have a bandage roll. He escaped from home and never came back. Therefore he moved to Chernarus. He tried to find a new start, but everything went upsidedown and Chernarus wasn't the same place anymore. Brat was struggling a little bit, but he accepted the new reality eventually. He even started to enjoy it. In his head, he saw it as a new start that he was looking for. So, after a few depressing weeks, he managed to get along with everything in the new reality. Once he helped a random homeless stranger. The guy was just asking for some multivitamin as he was feeling a bit ill. Brat shared some with him. They became friends. With a bit of help Brat and random dude were packed up with food and meds for a long time. Then the random dude started to get sick very often. He was avoiding Brat. When one-day Brat saw his friend eating a human stake. Brat decided to keep things quiet when the same day his friend turned on his life. Brat is getting better every day. He is strong.
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