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  1. A man who came to Chernarus on a boat, on a mission to strike a deal with a popular Russian gang member on very rare explosives to sell to smaller organizations in London. A man who then gets caught up in a very rough storm, crashing his vessel, and leaving him stranded on a self made raft from the rubble of the shipwreck. Being lost at sea for almost 8 months, scraping the bottom of the cans for beans and looking up when it rained, eventually ends up to where he originally wanted to be. And figures out that the place and the world that he once knew, would never be the same. As he looks up at the sand, and the trees that surround him. He sees a couple of dead-legged beings walking towards his direction. As they come closer he realizes that these people are non-Living. He is then enraged by the fact that his wife and kid is now gone and what he thinks is forever. He grabs a plank left on the raft he came in, In anger smited down every one of the zombies forcefully. He then collapses and realizes that what he needs to do, is survive. Byron is a dangerous man, and wants revenge on anything that would make him feel better about his family.
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