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  1. Jon decided with Linda they have had enough in chenarus after loosing his best friend Freddie and Sister in law Mary, They decided to take a helicopter and flew back to Norway to see if Jon's family were still alive... They had to make plenty of stops to get gas and foods. They managed to get to the transporters outpost in Sweden however the Heli wasn't doing so good so Jon decided to trade the Heli for a BMW and drove the rest of the way to Storslett Norway. It was a long road trip but Jon and Linda would go on these road trips in America. He arrived there however the place was empty... So Jo
  2. Welcome back hope to meet you
  3. I like the idea however respawning into a forest injured is gonna be far to difficult for people and are bound to keep dying (could lose a lot of players this way)... if this was to be implemented I would recommend a change in where players spawn and have a hospital ( No PVP zone ) so people could respawn in peace get medical attention from a medical group which would stay in this location and provide people great recovery RP.
  4. Meet Derek our new pet! @MacallyWally Loves him so much. @Taffinator Derek wanted you to see this!
  5. these doors look great +1
  6. This looks amazing and would fit well on the server
  7. +1 @AndreyQ has a point selling the mags wouldn't hurt
  8. +1 for the masks as it would give off a really good vibe for a cultist group you can just picture it now surrounded by these masks and being part of a sacrifice
  9. +1 I would agree with this however for the time being we should add them to only be sold and not purchased
  10. +1 I actually hate how much explosives I find on a run because at the moment they are worthless so being able to just sell them would be amazing.
  11. Nudey


    You can hear "whatever dude"
  12. Nudey


    Hunch back of Novaya
  13. Nudey

    Gas Pumps.

    Any reason why it was removed it seemed to work great?
  14. Are the gas pumps broken? cos for a short while you could refill straight into the fuel tank of the car and now I can't seem to do that?
  15. Welcome back hope you enjoy yourself
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