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  1. Levi comes from a long line of true born and raised North Carolinians. Seeing as how that state is such a melting pot he is a true diamond in the rough. He raised by his very southern christian father and mother. Having such a restricted childhood, he rebelled as he grew older. Bouncing from town to town trying to find where he fit in. Eventually he joined the Navy to see the world. It is there he found his true passion, being a ghost. Not only did he excel in rank fast, but he was top of his class in his SEAL training. Levi spent close to 9 years with Navy before the infection happened. Once he heard it had made it stateside he went AWOL. He had to protect his family. By the time he returned home he was too late, everything he had ever known and loved was gone. All except a single letter left by his little sister saying she was taken. Grief stricken and defeated, he did not give up. After months of recon he discovered where his sister had been taken, Chernarus. Levi has been apart of many battles, but none as great as what lay ahead of him. It was a difficult journey to Chernarus, all who have tried to prevent him from his goal now have perished. It saddens Levi that he has left so destruction in his wake, for he is not an evil person at heart. But the only thing he lives for now is find his only remaining family and bring to justice those who have taken her.
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