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  1. I was born in the year of 1996, in the cold and harsh environments of northern lappland. We had a reindeer farm with my father and mother, I was the only child. I grew up hunting and roaming the nature, as that was the only way in north. I never went to school since my parents thought it was useless and they hated bureaucracy. We lived of the nature without much contact to the "more" civilized and technologically advanced world. When the outbreak started first we had no idea it was going on. We didn't own a tv but we had a radio that we listened to every now and then. It was when our nearest neighbour Jorma who lived 25km from us hadn't stopped by our place for trading furs and meat and stuff for months when we knew something was weird. I even drove my snowmobile to his cabin and the place was abandoned. His radio was left on and there was this emergency transmission going on that I don't remember much of. When I got back home I told my dad about it and we started listening to the radio. A world wide pandemic had been going on for some time and the world was in chaos. Even the Finnish military had been assembled but we had no idea cause we had been living outside the society for so long. I had been to the Finnish army (Puollustusvoimat) when I was 17 and trained there for a year as a scout in the arctic conditions. Little did I know that would be the last time I would be in contact with the world we had known. Over one year we managed to continue our living just me, my dad and my mom, without ever seeing an "infected" as they called them on the radio. At some point it started to get though without gas, fuel and electricity we were used to having. And all the broadcast had stopped at some point. It seemed like the whole world had died. But we were determined to be though, so we fought for our survival. We even tried to go and loot some fuel and supplies from the southern towns but all we found was empty buildings and cars. My parents got sick one winter and it started to look bad. I decided I'd go for one last run to the more southern villages to try and find medical supplies. I even managed to find some but when I came back it was to late. My parents had died into their bed in to the arms of each other. I was devastated and didn't know what to do. I drank all of our home made moonshine and cried. I had lost everything. Everything but my finnish SISU! I would not give up, I would survive and find others who also managed to survive. I packed everything i needed into a sled and put my skis on I started heading east and doing what I did the best, surviving of the wild. It has been some time now, seasons have passed and I don't know where I am. I must have been going for thousands of kilometres already. The street signs I've seen are in cyrillic so I have some ideas where I might be. I have found some evidence of life, like campfires and footprints but still haven't met a single human, infected or whatsoever. I am staying cautious as I have no idea what I might stumble upon.
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