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  1. Erik was born in Groningen in the late 70's in a family of average income. Erik was the only son and youngest child with 2 sisters. Erik's father was a photography pilot and his mother was a caretaker. When Erik became older he started becoming interested in the military and it's developments. As soon as Erik turned 18, he joined the Dutch army as a rifleman and was trained as one until he was moved out of his original batallion to join the UNPROFOR-military (United Nations) in 1995. The UN needed the men for a mission in Srebrenica, near former Bosnia-Serbia. The peacekeeping mission was an utter failure, rules of engagement were tight for UN soldiers. They could only watch how the Bosni-Serbs massacred a large number of the men and boys living in Srebrenica for their religion. The mission had left Erik scarred for life. Couldn't he have done more to help? After the failed DutchBat 3 UN mission, Erik went back to the Netherlands to become a photography pilot like his father before him. Erik went to school for this and got his degree, he helped Dutch Secret Service and Intelligence Service uncover illegal Drug labs and plantations. He wouldn't know what came next, after over 15 years of Spying Photography and Tracking, he got a new mission. This one was over Chernogorsk, something about the spread of a disease. They circled around the town of Cherno when they saw horrific footage on his cameras. The dead walking. Suddenly, the engine gives in. The plane starts slowing down, and the only way to keep some momentum was to put the nose of the plane down. However this dive goes too fast, G-force kicks in on the flaps on the right wing and they break off, the plane goes into a spin. Everything goes black for Erik and his Pilot. He wakes up on a beach in the back of the plane. He looks back to see if the pilot is alive. He sadly didn't make it, and it is now Erik on his own in Chernogorsk.
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