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  1. Journal of Aeren I remember the day when it all changed as if it was yesterday. It was a warm summer sunday. My wife and me were walking down the beach on the west coast with an icecream in hand. I could smell the ocean and the wind was blowing through my hair. It was a nice day to be alive. We finished our walk and went back to the car. It was a small one but there was plenty of space for the two of us. The drive home took about 20 minutes. When we got home, it was about 9 pm and we had to go to bed. My wife and me put went to bed and, it was, after all, a work day tomorrow. I woke up about 11 pm to a slow knocking at our front door, groggy from only a few hours of sleep. My wife went to answer and then i heard a scream. I quickly pulled out my pistol from my drawer besides my bed and went to investigate. My wife was on the floor, nose bleeding, and in our doorway was a stranger, I was about to call out to him when i saw who it was. It was our old neighbor that lived just across the street, but there was something very wrong with him. He came closer to my wife i immediately raised my gun and took aim at his leg and pulled the trigger. A loud bang was heard and the man fell to his knees. My wife screamed again. She got some of his blood on her. He looked up, pain clearly evident on his face, but he still stood and tried to attack my wife again. This time i aimed for his head and took the shot. My wife couldnt stop crying and i decided to take her to the hospital. She kept crying all the way. When we got there a nurse took a look at her. They took her in and made a medical check up, ultimately, she had to stay to make sure she didn't have the disease. I got sent back home, but I decided to stay at a hotel nearby. Over the next few day i visited her, she only got worse, and they decided that she had contracted the flu. They told me she would never be the same ever again, and I might aswell just give up on her and leave her. I was heartbroken. I went back to our house and packed a few things that i needed. I already had a survival Kit in the car with a tent, sleeping bag, shovel, some rations, a flashlight and some extra batteriets. I also had some extra ammunition for my gun that i had on me. I packed it all down and drove away. I didn't know where i was going. I just drove.
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