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  1. Growing up in Baton Rouge Louisiana I always wanted to help people. I wasn't any good at school and had no interest in it. When it came time to choose a college after barely graduating. No college wanted me. I took a year off and decide to focus on my health as a way to not think about my dead end future. Then one day I met a girl and found purpose again. All I wanted to do was be good for her and take care of her. I found myself in the Recruiting office of the United States Air Force. After going over many jobs I decided to become a Pararescueman. Id be helping others get back to their families while supporting the one I loved at the same time. After 4 years of doing my job to my capabilities and being the husband I wanted to be I went on a op that would change my life. I was on my 1st tour to Kuwait when we had a call come in 3 wounded, 1 friendly, 2 Civilian. after loading the helicopter and flying to the destination we're standing over a U.S. soldier and 2 Civilians they were no older than 15. WE had room for 2 the soldier was a priority. then we had to make a choice which kid to take with us. Each looked as bad as the other. We made the call of the youngest and had to leave the other. long story short to this day i dont know what happened to that kid. After getting back from my deployment i was never the same and it showed. Not being the man I used to be my girl took notice and she was gone out of my life. After being discharged and I was back to the start, No life no future. That's when the world went to shit. Ever since then I've been traveling and meeting new faces as I go about my journey to no where. In that time period I found my final purpose. to provide aid and support as I was taught to do but this time I call the shots and no one will be left and everyone will receive what they deserve.
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