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  1. Jackson comes over the radio "This fate has not befallen me, nor candy, Though I was forced out of my refugee camp I do not know whos body it is, but I appreciate you burying them" Jackson releases PTT
  2. I voted no, But I think the idea could work, I think it should heavily rely on what the ban was for/ warning points were for That being said, I dont think ALL permbanned or off amnesty people should have the chance to apply As most have said, Case by case would be the best play.
  3. Welcome! I hope you have a great time, and enjoy your roleplay
  4. *jackson comes over the radio* I have no sympathy for those who eat another man, Do not count on me for your treatment Nimrit *jackson Releases PTT and turns off the radio*
  5. I currently have horrible luck in getting vehicles, I know most people do. Or if they do the game glitches and they go away rather quickly I suggest Buffing the vehicle spawns to allow roleplayers to Roleplay more globally than just in the one community they are in To new vehicles, Reskins of some vehicles, or mods of that sort would be Rather vital for roleplay, as a vehicle can say a lot about a personality if given the option For the Hospital, ambulances or a Life Flight Helicopter could be added (Or even a Coast Guard Jayhawk or similar variants, as we already have some american helicopters) For People who ride alone, or have a sort of Mad Max vibe survivor group, I've seen some cool Mods for those kinds of cars Or just in general a Vehicle pack that has some new cars Let me know in the comments what you guys think about that! dont forget to vote on the poll too
  6. *Jackson Comes over the radio* Hi, I am a medic from the Southern Medical group outpost I'm currently up on your side of the province, If you can meet me in Svetlo I think I may be able to help, Its about half way between us. While I am affiliated with the hospital, I have no Idea of your quarrels as I've just met them Reach out. - Jackson *He releases the PTT*
  7. *jackson comes over the radio* I'm currently at your warehouse, Awaiting someone to resolve this issue Thank you *jackson releases PTT*
  8. I've been trying, I cannot find it, so it must be in a different vod. I will respond if I can find it, I apologize.
  9. *Jackson comes back over the radio* For the millionth time, including Damian himself saying, I have not touched him, and had no part in the attack I tried to look for your home today, as I heard it was somewhere in solichiny to no avail Sir over the radio, If you have a private frequency, or a frequency for your group, I will happily explain the situation in greater detail there *Jackson releases PTT*
  10. I do not, I happened to not be streaming at the time.
  11. I gave permission to log, I do not argue that. In response to the rushed RP, and seeming uninterested, Though I was thoroughly uninterested and was not enjoying the RP, as stated, and had real life stuff to deal with, I wasnt cycling between stand and crouch and lay, I layed down when he hit me with the bat, and got back up, I was also doing mostly text RP, as there are people in the house and I cannot yell. The "rushed" was miscommunicated, as I was more stating i dont want hours of roleplay as I'd like to get to the hospital before visitation closing, which was about an hour after the incident started, meaning 45 minutes max, which should have been plenty of time In regards to getting lippy, Saying " Do what you will" and answering questions in a less than excited manner. Is not getting lippy, and is how jackson as a character has handled situations like these in the past. Hopefully this sheds a bit of light on everything, I'm happy to answer more questions you have @HDragon
  12. *Jackson come back over* Mr hector, I hate to inform you that I Did infact not know how to contact you until you so graciously reached out via radio, knowing you monitor this frequency, I now know I would absolutely love to come visit you if You would be willing to provide me a whereabouts to meet you, and an approximate time, However I will be walking accross the province so it may take me a bit to find you.
  13. ^ In response to me deleting the message, I figured you didnt see it so I just deleted it as the problem sorted itself and by brief, i just meant it couldnt be a couple hours worth of stuff, as I know people tend to really string it out, I wanted the roleplay to continue as normal, just Some sense of Brevity, this Was poorly communicated and I apologize All in all, I did want the RP session to come to a close, as I've not been enjoying the nature of it as of the last day or two, and I wanted that chapter to come to a close, so I do apologize if I came off a Bit stonelike, But you can ask others that in torture, jackson tends to try and stay quiet as possible, not wanting to show weakness as can be confirmed by @MrDolly Who did a similar roleplay situation w/ me
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