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  1. Born in a farmers family, strong believers in Catholic. Abusive mother because she accused me of the death of my younger brother, my father told me how to shoot and how to defend myself. After the death of my parents, I learned how to run a farm on my own and had a survival instinct. I'm a believer that the cause of the apocalypse is an act of God he is punishing us for our sins. I travelled from my farm to the apocalypse to see gods his punishment. I still believe in people that are roaming around but I acknowledge the fact that the cause of the apocalypse is an act of God for our sins. I’m neutral towards others, but I will defend myself if necessary. I still pray every day and whenever I find an abandoned church I will send my prayers. I’m more aggressive against non-believers but I think I can cure them and let them believe in god. I see the zombies as people that have been sinned by god, they got consumed by the wrath of our almighty.
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