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  1. Darryl but his friends call him Everest was born in Canada in 06/01/1995 sadly his Mother died during the pregnancy he lived in Canada until he was 8 years old but had to move to the United Kingdom because his Father had work related issues as Darryl grew older in the United Kingdom he began to develop a passion for mountain climbing and rock climbing by the age of 16 he had already climbed some small mountains around Europe after secondary school he went on to do a mountain climbing course then over the course of the next few years he led small groups to climb major mountains around Europe when he was 22 he met another mountain instructor her name was Tessa James (23) after a few months they began to date 2 years later Tessa became pregnant a few weeks after the news broke she was pregnant Daryl was given the opportunity to climb the famous Mount Everest a opportunity that he couldn't refuse the trip was free of charge as he would be leading a small group of climbers to summit Everest in 2016 Darryl and his group summitted Mount Everest it was one of the best moments in his life and luckily he made it back in time for the pregnancy they named there daughter Amy soon after Darryl decided to get a tattoo of her birthday on his wrist because Darryl achieved everything he wanted to in his mounting climbing career he decided to get into rock climbing as a hobby he fell in love with it and after climbing famous places in Europe for so many years he decided to start climbing areas outside of Europe the next 4 years were uneventful Darryl would take on mountain and rock climbing sponsorships to lead small groups to the top of famous landmarks most of the time it would be outside of Europe then in late December he was asked to take a small group of Europeans to a famous landmark in Chernarus he agreed like he normal would this wouldn't be his first time in chernarus he had been there before in 2017 for another sponsorship he arrived in chernarus on 2020 January 2nd a few days later word got around to Darryl group that a virus was spreading (Frenzied Flu) he immediately called home to let them know what was happening little did Darryl know this would be the last time he had contact with his family he was not allowed to leave the country as the government did not want the virus to spread him and his group was then put in a military outpost as the situation got worse all he could think about was what was happening with his family a few month went by and the army began to abandon the outpost darryl also decided to leave now stuck in a country he doesn't know trying to find a way to get back to the United Kingdom...
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