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  1. Born in Kazan, Russia, Aleksander Volkov was the child of newly-weds Mitrov Volkov and Michelle Volkov. His father, Mitrov, was a full-blood Russian by every means, and his mother was born and raised in America, where they met. Shortly after Aleksander's birth, his parents decided it would be best for their family to move out west to the states. Aleksander would then begin growing up as a regular kid in a small town in Missouri, where he would eventually make great friends, and even meet the love of his life, Maebel. The two were high school sweethearts, practically attached at the hip. After finishing high school, the two both decided to go to the same local state college. This is where things really got serious between the two of them, and talks of an engagement were popping up left and right. They eventually decided against the decision, considering both of them are in considerable student debt, but the bond between them was stronger than ever. After a few years in college, Aleksander's family decided to take a trip to Russia for the holidays to see Mitrov's side of the family. Aleksander's parents asked if Maebel would like to accompany them, to which she happily agreed. Aleksander was overjoyed at this, and the fact that Maebel would get to meet the rest of his family. They all began packing their things, and eventually set off for a trip into Russia. After arriving, Aleksander was eager to show of the love of his life to his family, but was cut short by loud noises on the television. It was an emergency broadcast, stating that "the virus" has contaminated areas in Russia. After a moment of panic, there was a sense of relief when Mitrov suddenly had a plan. One of his life-long friends had a bunker in Chernarus that could easily house the likes of Mitrov, Aleks, and the rest of them. He quickly equipped himself with a cellphone and began dialing a number. He spoke for a small period of time, but it was easy to understand that his idea was a green light. After grabbing necessary supplies, they set off for the bunker. After getting there, they settled in to stay for a while. Panic hadn't completely taken over Chernarus quite yet, so some things continued almost like normal. Aleksander thought that they could use this to their advantage to get extra supplies before the land above the bunker was no longer traversable. The rest of the family and others in the bunker decided to leave it up to Aleks and his father to gather supplies from the surface. While out, Aleks and Mitrov noticed something strange. There weren't many cars on the roads there, and the only cars they had seen had all been going the opposite way. There were buildings that seemed to have been broken into the closer in-land they went. Could they have been too late? Had the looting and killing already began? Unnerved and frightened by the possibilities this ensues, the two decided to head back. Upon arriving at the bunker, the two of them were met with something unimaginable. Aleksander's mother, Mitrov's wife, Michelle's lifeless corpse was sat, propped up against the wall, with no sign of anybody else around. The two of them writhed in pain and agony other their loss, but eventually noticed there was a note left in her hand. The note read "meet us at the super market if you want to see the rest of your friends alive." Aleksander's mind began going wild over the thought of losing Maebel right after his mother. He and his father, Mitrov, knew exactly what they had to do. They scurried around the bunker, looking for any sort of weapon to arm themselves with. Their luck seemed to be running thin as they managed to only find a hunting knife for a weapon, but seeing as they had no choice, they left. They had a very simple game plan, sneak into the super market from behind, and eliminate the captors. Mitrov, being the brute Russian he is, decided that Aleksander should wield the knife. He was met with no real resistance to this plan, only concern from his son. Mitrov assured him it is okay, and told him to focus on getting everyone else back safely. Aleksander understood, and went along with the plan. After arriving at the super market, they began their stealth route to the back entrance. Once they were there, they creeped into the building, looking for potential threats. Eventually they came upon the floor of the store, where most of the space was. There was a small fire set up, and it was lit. This meant that there was someone inside that room. The two decided to wait a little longer before pushing farther into the isles, but were startled when they heard two voices chatting. This meant that not only was someone there, but their friend was as well. Mitrov looked at Aleksander with the kind of look that says "it's now or never", and he understood. They began sneaking up the isles, closer and closer to the light source. Once they were only one isle away from the fire and the two men, they stopped to regroup and form some sort of attack plan. Mitrov began whispering, insisting on running in first to create an opening for Aleks, but Aleks was persistent about not doing this, seeing as they have no idea if the two they heard are armed or not. Regardless of this, his father's hard-headedness won, and he denied any say in the argument for Aleks. Mitrov then stood from their initial crouching position, and began silently walking to the edge of the isle. Aleks was met with a choice, either he could resist his father's plan, and stay where he is, or he could follow the already moving Mitrov into the unknown. He decided in that moment to follow his father, seeing as he wouldn't want he to go in alone. The two of them turned the corner, and were met with two men, one of them armed with a rifle, the other not armed at all. For a moment they all exchanged glares, but Mitrov broke the silence with a barbaric roar and a swift rush towards the men. The two panicked and the armed man quickly began to ready and aim his rifle. Aleks began running into the battle, shortly behind his father. Mitrov stuck his arms out once he was near reaching distance of the armed man, but suddenly a loud bang erupted from inside the store. Mitrov fell to the ground, not quite dead yet, but drowning in his own blood. The gunman was able to fire a shot directly into Mitrov's throat, filling his airway with blood. Aleks, obviously in shock still from seeing his father fall to the ground, quickly snaps out his trance and continues rushing the gunman. A second shot rang out, but this time the gunman missed. This was the perfect window that Aleks needed. With that, he thrusted the hunting knife he had into the throat of the man in front of him, leaving him to the same fate he brought upon Aleks's father. Aleks then felt the arms of another on his shoulders, pulling him to the ground and releasing the knife from his hand in the process. After getting back up, Aleks raises his fists, and the remaining other does the same. They duke it out, and after a hard fought battle, Aleks reigns supreme. Evaluating the wreckage, Aleks notices that something is peculiar. None of his family or Maebel are anywhere to be found, or heard. He searched and searched the area, but to no avail. After losing his Mother, and also his Father, is he left now to lose his lover as well? He begins to wander aimlessly, stuck in a state of depression. The only thing keeping him going is the thought that she may still be out there awaiting his rescue. He vowed to search the ends of the earth to find her, and to avenge his family.
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