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  1. I'm Dagoth Ur! The last time I played DayZ except for the past few days was in 2014, when it was still alpha. But even back then I was looking for a roleplay community. This seems like the most serious one but I have a lot to learn. I hope I can add to the server!
  2. Nikolai Borgov was born on December 1st, 1980 in the city of Elektrozavodsk. The son of Bulgarian parents whose family had moved to Chernarus generations prior, Nikolai had a spartan upbringing. Boris and Ana Borgov were both engineers at Elektro’s power plant, and they expected nothing but perfection from their son Nikolai. An only child, Nikolai tried his hardest to appease his parents expectations. At school Nikolai was obedient and followed every single rule out of fear of reprimand both from his teachers and his parents. He made decent marks because of his ferocious studying which compensated for a generally average intellect. Children at school often picked on Nikolai for a slight speech impediment and stutter he had developed. Boris criticized Nikolai for the slightest failure at school and filled his free hours with extracurricular activities such as chess, piano, and numerous sports. Nikolai’s father expected him to follow in his footsteps and study engineering. But growing up, Nikolai in an almost Stockholm like syndrome fashion became obsessed with the rule of law and the police, judges, and lawyers that maintained it. In his second year of high school Nikolai would break the only law he had ever broken and develop a drinking habit. He would steal shots of his father’s vodka. In his senior year of high school Nikolai drank an entire bottle of vodka and vomited profusely. Boris, furious at his son, beat him to almost an inch of his life. After being hospitalized Nikolai refused to testify against his father, but this would begin a falling out with his family. Nikolai packed the few items he had and moved in with a friend getting a part time job at a grocery store. Despite remaining in the same city, he cut all ties with his family. Nikolai would enroll in university on a scholarship, studying criminal justice with the goal of becoming a high-ranking police officer. Despite his constant drinking, Nikolai continued to study ferociously and graduated towards the top of his class. Due to his college education Nikolai was able to join the Eletrozavodsk police force with the rank of lieutenant. As a police officer, Nikolai was both loved and detested by his superiors. Nikolai’s superiors respected him for his ability to follow police procedure down to the dotted line, but hated him for his officious nature. They would roll their eyes when he would report having given the 1000th ticket for jaywalking, littering, loitering, or other petty offenses. It was Nikolai’s goal to become a colonel general in the police department, yet he never made it past the rank of captain. Despite being a poor shot, Nikolai was chosen early in his career to undergo special training as an OREL unit because of his strict adherence to orders and procedures. Nikolai’s social life during his time at university and in the police force was very limited. Despite this he dated and married a cadet named Galina. This marriage was short lived however. Galina separated from her husband, upset with his emotional distance, drinking, and workaholic tendencies. During the early days of the pandemic Nikolai would reach the height of his career and finally have the possibility of being promoted. However, Nikolai was deeply depressed because of his divorce and began drinking more heavily. A few drunken shifts led his superiors to put Nikolai on an administrative leave pending a psychological evaluation. A psychologist would diagnose Nikolai with Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder with schizoid tendencies and alcohol use disorder. Despite this diagnosis, the worsening situation with the pandemic led his superiors to overlook his possible psychological disqualifications and re-instate him when the manpower was needed. Nikolai was reinstated on February 28th, 2019. The world was beginning to fall apart around him.
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