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  1. Phillip Grant is from Hull, a poor town within East Yorkshire in the North East of England, he grew up in a place called Spring Bank which was poverty ridden. He grew up having poor parents but i still managed to get to goto school but only just. As as child he took up great interests with cars and music and wanted to progress in music but his parents wouldn't allow it driving him into a hole of doubt in himself. Once 18 he joined the BAF and served 2 tours in Afgahnistan as an Infantryman achieving the rank of Lance Corporal. Whilst there his childhood bestfriend was shot whilst capturing an enemry Forward operating base, therefore leaving him scarred and unable to trust people easily as he blames himself for the death of his friend. He was headed to chernarus due to meet his girlfriends family after finally being able to allow himself to trust himself. When the infection started his girlfiend Saskia and her family caught the infection leading him to put them all down with a crowbar.
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