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  1. Born on July 20th, 1999, in Guelph, Ontario Jimmy grew up loving the game of hockey and specifically the Maple Leafs. He grew up dreaming to make the NHL and to play professional hockey, but after not being able to make the NHL. He signed with HC Sochi of the KHL and traveled to Russia to play for the team in late 2018. After borders were closed due to the Frenzied Flu and countries across Europe had declared states of emergencies. He was trapped, initially hopeful of the QZ that the government set up in the city. But he lost hope when the Russians pulled their military back and left the city to ruin. As the Winter Capital was set ablaze, Jimmy managed to get a boat working and stole it to escape the chaos. He sailed west until hitting Chernarus. He has spent the last few months surviving in the harsh land. In his new life, he lives by one rule, Survival is all that matters. No petty revenge, politics have no place in the apocalypse. All that matters is Surviving. Alone or with friends. Survival is the only absolute. Jimmy now roams the Chernarussian wastes, looking to find a reason to keep surviving, and to help those when he can.
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