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  1. Prima is an ukranian man, born in the early sixtys. Grew up in Kiev, Ukrain. He was always intrested in science and he had a good brain for Math and Physics. After he finished his univercity stuides he got a job at the Kiev Hydroelectric power plant as a junior engineer. He never had an intresting life. Got married early, had 2 kids, a boy and a little girl. Never had to change jobs. Maybe this boring lifestyle led to his drinking problem. At first just a couple glasses of vodka after work. Than a little bit more, maybe a couple shots in the morning as well, so the day goes quicker. When he realised he has a real problem it was too late. His wife hated him, for being an alcoholic and he got fired from the power plant. It is easy to get on the streets. So thats what it came to. NEarly 60 and live on the streets of Kiev... But maybe not. In 2018 as he was collecting newspaper so he wont freeze to death during the night and than he saw it. "Chernarus part of the Russian federation". An articlae about how, chernarus joined russia. They were looking for workforce to rebuild the country after the years long war. This could be my chance to start over. Maybe.. or maybe not...
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