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  1. That's a shame. My computer won't run it otherwise. Thanks anyway.
  2. Hi guys, I'm trying to access the Chernarus server using Geforce Now but I get this error every time I try to join. I don't have this issue with other servers, and am not using a VPN. Is there away to avoid this issue? Thanks
  3. Michel was born in Austria and moved to the UK with his parents at age six. Growing up with an interest in healthcare but lacking purpose he joined the army and became a Combat Medic. After eight years of service he was considering leaving the forces when the outbreak started. As the response became more urgent, Michel's unit was attached to NATO forces to plug the widening gaps in member states' ability to treat and contain the infection. Being sent to the worst affected areas before evacuating to the next hotspot wore Michel down and he began to prepare for the time when evacuation wasn't possible. Sure enough, after a week of manning an aid station in Freising, Germany, all services were quickly suspended with all hands manning the walls. Calls for evacuation were met with orders to hold position, and as the wave of infection came into sight, Michel grabbed the gear he had prepared and slipped away, trying to ignore the screams echoing through the forest. Michel kept moving to find that the wider area had collapsed into chaos. Seeing the breakdown of civil and military control, he avoided the nearby city of Munich and headed to the Austrian border, resolving to make contact with family in Hallstatt if possible. The journey was arduous and Michel found himself becoming increasingly avoidant of people. Survivors were unpredictable and even some he was able to help turned on him when they saw an opening. By the time he got to Salzburg his supplies had almost run out, and it became when traversing the area that Hallstatt was out of the question, with infected and bandits around every populated area, so he decided to keep moving, veering north-west into the wilderness. On the journey to Chernarus, Michel was forced to do terrible things in order to survive, but never lost the instinct to help those he could. Crossing the border with what few supplies remained, he resolved to start again. The local population had almost entirely disappeared now, and the worst of the infected could be avoided. If possible, finding a way to gather supplies and settle in the area would be preferrable to the desperate struggle to survive on the road. There were always injured people to treat, so finding and working in a settlement would be ideal, though the survivor in him resolved to maintain a distance and keep a go bag just in case.
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