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  1. James was born October 13th, 1986 in upstate New York, USA. He lived with his father Martin Fennagen and his mother Marry. James's childhood was strict and full of rules leading him to act out during his early teenage years. James went from all "A's" to barely passing most of his classes. Around the time he was 15 his father passed away of lung cancer, it was around this time that James fell into a deep depression and withdrew from his normal day-to-day life growing distant from his friends and mother alike. By the time he was 17 he had dragged his grades from barely passing back to all "A's" and the occasional "B." During this time James's relationship with his mother had begun to become strained. Mary was working long late nights with very little down time between shifts. James never noticed how much of a toll his father’s death had put on his mother until he tried rebuilding his relationship with his mother. James started attending church with his mother, while he cared little for religion, his mother was a devout Christian. Attending church with his mother had opened new opportunities for James, he would meet new friends, learn to make connections with people he may not always agree with, and most importantly for his future he would get the opportunity to go with his mother to other countries on mission trips to help those in need along with spread the word of God. The mission trips happened twice a year and were sponsored by the hospital Marry worked at. During the mission trips the group would bring food, water, and medical supplies to impoverished and underdeveloped countries around the world. James graduated high school at the age of 18 with a GPA of 3.9 and some college credit already under his belt. Directly after graduating high school James went into college where he would follow in his mother’s footsteps and study to become a doctor. James dedicated himself to his studies promising his mother that he would become a doctor just like her and make his father proud. During college James continued to go on mission trips with the church and additional research trips with his university. During his studies he would visit Chernarus several times bringing food and other supplies to citizens there along with visiting friends he made there during his mission trips. During a mission trip to Chernarus James met a woman by the name of Morgana Keives who was a new member of the mission group James was in. Morgana was a half-Russian student studying international law. After a year of working together James and Morgana began dating and decided to move in together when they returned to the states. After another year of foreign work James returns to the states with Morgana to continue his studies to become a doctor. A year after returning to America James’s mother passed away from a heart attack. In early 2009 James graduated from medical school top of his class and went on to work at the same hospital that has sponsored all his mission trips. After a little less than a year of working at the hospital news of a civil war in Chernarus reached James and that the hospital was sending a medical team to the area to help wounded civilians. James leaped at the chance to return to Chenarus to help the civilians in the area. Morgana was not too pleased at the idea and made a huge fuss about James leaving. Despite the argument James had made up his mind and not a week later was on his way out of the country. The war did not last long, but the effects it would have on him would last. Returning from a bloody war scene James sought out counseling. The argument prior to James leaving was never resolved which put a strain on James’s relationship with Morgana. The year following his return Morgana broke up with James and while the couple grew apart, they remained friends. James continued to work and gain experience as a doctor in the states continuing to visit Chernarus every year on a mission trip. During his 2015 trip to Chenarus James found out that Morgana had been shot and in critical condition, he promptly flew back to the states to see her. Once it was clear Morgana was not going to make it James knew he would not want to remain in the country. After Morgana’s funeral James applied for citizenship in Chenarus. Living in a small town near the coast traveling from hospital to hospital providing aid where he could, James lived his life peacefully in Chenarus until the outbreak in 2020.
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