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  1. April 14 1988, Alexander Cirksena was born in Taft California, a small town in the central valley. Alexander had a rough life growing up like many did in his area. His father worked long hours in the oil field leaving him and his mother alone at home for a majority of time. When Alexander was off at school his mother would have her own special "friend" over. This cycle of constant isolation would be the status quo until Alexander turned 10. In 1998 oil prices dropped to an all time low since 1986. Alexander's father, William, was laid off at work. Now with no income the family began to fall apart. Simce William was at home for most of the day he soon discovered what his wife had been hiding from him all this time, an affair with their neighbor the sheriff's deputy. December 18 1998, two bodies have been found in the aqueduct after an eye witness saw a man in a white truck dump two large objects in the water. The bodies were identified as Johnson Parker, a local sheriff's deputy, and Margaret Cirksena, a wife and mother. Alexander's father was immediately charged with the killings. His truck matched the witness account and the bullet wounds on both the victims matched the caliber of his pistol. At the age of 10 Alexander was alone in the world. His uncle, the local pastor, took him in and tried to instill the teaching of God in him. As Alexander grew older the scars of his traumatic youth never healed. At 16 he joined a gang, at 17 he was expelled from school after he hospitalized a fellow student. Now with no job and no education he found himself committing crime just to fill his wallet. His uncle was gravely disappointed in Alexander yet he would never kick him out. He would never turn his back on him for in his mind he knew that everyone was good, and he was determined to find the good in his lost nephew. On the day Alexander turned 18 he killed his first man. A drug deal that turned bad left him to rot in prison, and the other to rot in dirt. Alexander lost everything he had. His friends left him, his money was gone, and he had nothing to live for. However there was always one visitor that would make time everyday to see him, his Uncle Erin. Everyday Erin would read a passage from the Bible and talk with Alexander. Everyday Alexander would become more understanding of his uncle's ways. After 10 years of heating his uncle preach to him did he start to listen. At 20 Alexander was a faithful man. Everyday he would read from his Bible that his uncle gifted him. He became moved by the words written so long ago. He began to preach to those in prison with him, not just to the inmates but to the guards, janitors, the cooks. Anyone that would listen was his congregation. After 2 years of being in prison he was released on May 28 2008 for good behavior. Now he was required 1 year of community service then he would be a free man. 1 year went by fast, everyday he worked to help his town. He cleaned streets, helped the homeless, organized events at church, and did all he could to spread the love of God. When the Civil War in Chernarus broke out Alexander knew he had to go help. His probation has just ended and he took it as a sign from his Lord. With the blessing of his Uncle he flew to Chenarus with a small group, determined to help those that needed it. He worked everyday in this foreign, and even though his life was in constant danger he did not have fear for he believed in the protection of God. He helped at field hospitals where he learned basic medically knowledge to stop bleeding and treat wounds, he cooked and supplied water at refugee camps where those were the most hungry, and he would even pray over the dead to help guide them to the afterlife. Even when the Civil War was ended Alexander could not pull himself away from Chernarus. He visited every year to help those less fortunate and to enjoy the new clam that fell on the land. It was during his trip in 2020 that the world ended. As the world shut down Alexander found himself trapped in Chernarus. He felt alone, scared, he felt as he did in prison 14 years ago. This time he did not have his uncle to be there for him, but this time he had the word of God to guide him and to soothe him. Now trapped in a foreign land that is all too familiar he has to find his way through the end times, knowing that he must make penance to clean his soul from his past sins.
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